Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WARNING: Tween Under Our Roof!

Taylor totally threw me for a loop this year! Apparently she has gotten too old to help decorate for Christmas which I can so handle. BUT she would not sit on Santa's lap this year! What has happened to my baby????? I knew it was coming but she so could have given my at least a years warning!
Ryan on the other hand has been wanting to get out all the Christmas stuff since the middle of November. Finally, we were all home together last Friday night and decided it was as good a time as any to get started. Ryan could hardly stand it! Will brought down the container with the ornaments in it and Ryan had that sucker opened before Will had even put it on the ground completely! Where was Taylor?? You guessed her room with a friend. Yeah, they came out a couple times to check to see how we were doing but then went back to their "tween" thing.

Ryan took out each ornament, looked to see whose it was and what year it was given to that person. Then he would look around the tree to find the perfect spot for each one. He really did do a great job.

There was a bit of a discussion before getting started though. Will and I had found these COOL red and silver ball ornaments in all different sizes at Costco. We decided we could just use these this year and do something different. But Mr Ryan had a different plan in mind, he wanted (in his words) "All the old looking ornaments on the tree again this year." Will started to argue with him when I stopped to remind him "that Christmas was for the children."

Ryan was still looking through the ornaments and placing more on the tree until Monday night when I finally decided the box needed to get out of the middle of my living room.It was kinda nice to have Ryan working on the tree this year so I could concentrate on other areas to decorate. I was able to get the mantle finished and the manger scene all out and decorated before he was anywhere close to be finished with the tree.
Thank Goodness my Ryan is still little enough to enjoy every bit of the holiday spirit! Taylor will come back around in a couple years...just in time for Ryan to hit the "tween" years.

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Michele said...

Love the star trio on the mantle!! They look great!