Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haven't Given Up!

I really haven't forgotten about all of my wonderful friends in Blogger World! Life has been soooo very busy the past month that I haven't had time to even CHECK my blog! When I logged on tonight I was surprised to see which background template I had on here because I had forgotten what it looked like.

In the past few weeks I have started back to work at Ryan's preschool 3 days a week. I LOVE it but it is taking some getting used to being back at work! Being back in the classroom has brought along "Little Kid Germs" which I had forgotten about. I have had a cold now for about 3 weeks.

Taylor got her cast off but isn't suppose to play for about 3 more weeks. Her final game is this weekend and we now have two other injured players...Tay just might find some playing time this weekend.

Ryan is struggling with Mom going back to work. He has become a MAJOR Mamma's Boy! Last Wednesday when I dropped him off at school he chased me out the door! He didn't even do that on his very first day of school as a 3 year old!! So, I am trying to give him extra attention when we are home together.

Will's brother Brandon, his wife Kim and their daughter Mia were just here from Florida for 10 days. We had a GREAT time with them and hope that their "talk" about moving here becomes reality sooner than later!

So, now that you know I'm not dead and haven't given up blogging completely I need to get back to giving Ryan his needed attention for the evening. I will TRY VERY, VERY HARD to be better at updating!