Friday, June 11, 2010


It is time that I get back to sharing the crazy daily ordeals of the Beightol Family! I knew it had been a VERY long time since I had been on my blog but I did not realize it had been over a year! WOW! I know life had gotten EXTREMELY busy but I guess I didn't think it had been that INSANE!

The Family at Housel Middle School's Awards Assembly.  Taylor was one of only 6 6th graders who had received a 4.0 GPA for the first 3 QTRS.

So, where to start...Well, Taylor had an AMAZING year at Housel Middle School! She TOTALLY fell right into step as a middle schooler.  We are very proud to say she kept a 4.0 GPA for the ENTIRE year...yeah, we all know she did NOT get that ability from me!! She was voted ASB Vice President for next school year and is very excited to be a 7th grader next fall.

Ryan helping his teacher Mrs. Wyatt lead a song for Tea For Two.

 Ryan Jackson entered Kindergarten this year and he too had a great year.  We weren't so sure he was going to make it the entire year the way the year started. He was refusing to walk into the building without me, he was refusing to finish his Handwriting work each day and anytime there was a Fire Drill he began crying and freaking out!  Needless to say as a teacher I was thinking to myself  "God Help Mrs. Wyatt!"  But after Mrs. Hatch (the principal) bribed him with Starbucks he entered the building by himself without ever crying again! He realized that doing his Handwriting work at school was much better than bringing it home for mom to find not finished and having to sit down at the counter with ME watching his EVERY stroke...And well for the Fire Drills...I'm not sure we ever had a drill at school WITHOUT tears...But hey, we don't want to reach ALL of our goals in ONE YEAR!!! LOL  Ryan's teacher was always saying what a wonderful boy he was in class...we kept trying to figure out where "our little devil" disappeared to as he walked through those school doors.  ")

Ryan singing "You Are My Sunshine" during the Tea For Two the Friday before Mother's Day.

Will had a good year in the vineyard.  He didn't travel as much this year as he has in the past.  One thing he did do was take on another AAU Basketball team.  He decided to coach Ryan's team which meant taking on a group of Kindergarten boys.  Yes answers your question...HE IS CRAZY!! The boys were all Kindergartners expect one boy who was a 1st grader.  And thank goodness for that first grader! He was MUCH taller than the Kinders and he was able to make baskets unlike most of our other guys.  We did win one game...and the boys were so excited because we were playing in the 1st Grade Division.  Next year should be even more fun to watch as they will be playing boys their own age and hopefully size!
Will talking with his infamous boys basketball team!

For me...well the year brought me going back to work.  I sent Taylor off to the middle school and I decided to take on the little ones...PRESCHOOLERS!  After a full year of teaching them I can honestly say that some days they are A LOT more mature than middle schoolers!  It was a great year that flew by.

This summer finds us hanging out at home getting things done around here.  There is the never ending landscaping projects that just seem to get bigger and bigger.  Which sooo thrills me and Will soooo much! Yes, that is sarcasm you hear in my voice.

It also brings extra time for me to read, relax and hopefully keep up on blogging again.  I can honestly say I have missed this time to journal the daily events in our lives.  So...keep checkin back cause I am sure one of us...most likely Ryan will be doing something WACKY within the next 24 hours.