Saturday, October 16, 2010

There is Good in CrAZiNEsS!

As the Fall Sports Season begins to wrap up I have been thinking back at how simple life used to be before having two kids involved in sports. During this Fall Season we have been attending Taylor's Volleyball games on Mondays and Wednesdays and she has practice every other night of the work week. Ryan has soccer practice on Tuesdays and games on Thursdays.

I know you are thinking how busy that might sound...well, this past week we added two nights of basketball practice to that schedule! Needless to say when I finally got home from work yesterday I got a chance to step back and look at the damage our busy week had done to our house. It was NOT pretty to say the least!

But then when I really think about all the wonderful things my children have learned this sports season I know that the mess in the house is all worth it! Taylor is playing Volleyball for the first time in her life and LOVING IT! She had kind of a goofy start to her volleyball career when she thought she had been cut from the team to later find out the coach mistakenly didn't read her name off of the list of kids who did make it! That was a once in a lifetime event that NONE of us (probably the coach included) will never forget! She has gone to practice each day so excited to play and learn. She is already looking into a couple different volleyball camps for next summer which tells me she just might have found her sport!

Then, there is Mr. Ryan. As much as I dislike soccer, he loves it. Which I am happy because he has so much extra energy that running at soccer helps to tire him out at night. I am not sure where he gets his soccer abilities but he seems to just "get it." The look on his face when he scores is priceless and you'd think he'd just won the Olympics!

We must remember that without coaches our children would not get these opportunities to learn to play as a team member and to look inside themselves to improve day to day. Thank you to Alisa for guiding Ryan this soccer season and Mr. Heitschmidt for being so patient with those crazy 7th grade girls!!!

I hope all the wonderful things my children have learned about themselves and teamwork this sports season carries with them as we enter into the next season... AAU Fall Basketball League here we come...