Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Pain!

I don't know what I did, I'm not sure I want to know what I did, but whatever the HECK it was IT REALLY HURTS!!!!!!!

Sometime last week I realized my right shoulder was really tight. My loving husband would tell you it is nothing new, I am always whining for someone to massage my shoulders. As the week went on it hurt worse and worse and there was NO SIGN of the pain letting up. Did I call the Chiropractor...nope just kept complaining and living with (complaining about) the pain. The weekend rolled around and the pain was almost UNBEARABLE!!!! I spent all of Sunday in my jammies on the couch (oh yeah, Will would tell you that is nothing new for me either!)

Today I was able to get in to see my Chiropractor; Dr Thompson. By the time I made the appointment yesterday the pain had moved from my right shoulder and neck all the way around to my right front to the very point of my collar bone! I can't even touch my collar bone it is so painful! Well, needless to say Dr Thompson informed me that I was a mess! I wanted to say, DUH Doc! Tell me something I don't know, that my husband doesn't know, Oh yeah, and that my friends don't know!!! But I kept my sarcastic humor to myself. He found that BOTH of my hips were out, my neck was out in two different places, the middle of my back he adjusted in a FEW different spots, AND my shoulder and collar bone BOTH needed adjusting.

I feel a bit better but hope to feel TONS better after my massage tonight! I hope to be back up and BLOGGIN' soon. But my shoulder can only handle so much movement.

By the way...why is it that your children seem to be so needy when you, yourself need a little "sick time?"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

When In Doubt...

Root for BOTH!

This is the look of a very MIXED-UP and FRUSTRATED BOY!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Meal Idea

I could spend DAYS just surfing the Blogger Network! Most days I get great ideas for crafting and decorating but lately I have been finding some WONDERFUL recipe ideas. Those of you who know me know I HATE TO COOK!!!!!! I would rather sit in the Dentist chair (No offense Dr Grow) getting a root canal than cook! But I have started to find and try some recipes that have made being in the kitchen not all that bad. NO I am NO WHERE ready to tie on the apron and call myself Rachel Ray...but I'm thinking part of my issue with cooking is coming up with ideas. SO, for all of you out there who feel the same way I hopefully have a solution for you. I am going to start posting a Monday Meal Ideas. Where each Monday I will try to post a new recipe with pictures (I hate recipes w/o pics...I am a very visual person!)

For my 1st Monday Meal Idea recipe I am going to share MY adaptation to Mexican Lasagna which I found on Little Birdie Secrets. I made a few changes to theirs due to the fact I didn't have, in the pantry, what it was asking for OR I wasn't a big fan of some of the ingredients. SO, here is MY adaptation of

Mexican Lasagna:

In a large pan, saute:

1 lb. ground beef

chopped onion

salt and pepper

minced garlic

taco seasoning

(I didn't measure the taco seasoning, just dumped some in...I'm sooooo turning into my mother!)

Once the meat is browned I added:

1 can diced tomatoes with oregano and basil

1 can diced tomatoes with green chilies

Simmer for 10 minutes.

Preheat oven to 375. In a 9x13 pan layer 3 flour tortillas, 1/2 can of refried beans, 1/2 meat mixture, and 1 cup shredded cheese. Repeat the layers one more time: tortillas, beans, meat mixture, and cheese. Bake at 375 for 25 minutes...and enjoy!

My family LOVED it. Will said it would be "extra" better with a few tortilla chips to dip in it too. The original recipe asked for the use of corn tortillas but since I don't like them I didn't use them. BUT, I think the corn tortillas would have made it a bit crunchier. The flour tortillas were good just didn't harden much.

Until next Monday Meal Ideas My Ladies~

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Better Keep Their Day Jobs!

On Thursday, Taylor got the news she has been waiting to get for weeks! The guitar class she took last year was starting back up on Friday morning. She was soooo excited that she ran straight back to her room and got out her guitar. I don't know if she got it out due to uncontrollable excitement or that fact that she hadn't practiced in MONTHS!
She wasn't the only person excited about guitar starting again! That's right, the little brother ran straight to his room too. While Tay was in her room strumming away, I could hear Ryan singing in his room. As I quietly peeked my head around his door I found him on his bed with Taylor's old guitar out also strumming away.
(To hear the videos you will need to pause the music player at the bottom of the page.)
They both were so cute in their own worlds totally rockin out! Ryan seemed to be more into the Country Theme of singing about "loving his family and losing his dog." While Taylor's sound and look more resembled "a soft rock ballad."

And for the Finale...

I guess he was adding his "Kid Rock" version of Country!

I do believe both of my children are very talented and that they have the abilities to be ANYTHING in the world they want to be...but musicians probably are not in the cards for them. :)

Thank You Burger King??

Ryan, the Bart Simpson impersonator.
Friday night Will took the kids through Burger King for dinner. Anyone who knows Ryan well enough knows he isn't the LEAST bit concerned about the food. He just wants the STUPID 3 cent toy. This trip was no different. The thing that INFURIATES me is as badly as he cries for the darn toy it is forgotten about by the time we get home!!! Except for some strange reason Saturday afternoon he still had a hold of the dumb toy!
He came running out of his room, grabbed the TV remote with his left hand while holding the Bart Simpson toy (from BK) in his right and said "look at this." Above is the what he was showing us. The picture isn't real clear but Bart is sitting in a chair, holding a remote, and sticking out his tongue. And our "funny" little guy, for some strange reason decided he too could be just as funny if he mimicked Bart. We laughed so darn hard!
Ryan has NEVER seen an episode of The Simpson's due to the fact that I really don't need my young man to get ANY ideas from the not so kind Bart Simpson nor his "not so intelligent father, Homer." I'm not stupid enough to think that my nice young man won't ever come up with some of Bart's tricks on his own...but I DO know RyJack doesn't need ANY help with ideas!!!


Silence in the house!

But wait a minute...she is sleeping IN MY BED!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nummy Muffins

Tuesday I was surfing the Blogging world and came acrossed a WONDERFUL blog called Grace Violet. She is a very talented and creative lady! One of her posts was titled The Best Pumpkin Bread. Ever. I looked over the recipe and realized that even I could make this! I actually put Taylor in charge of mixing the recipe up. I had to step in though when we realized we were w/o Ground Cinnamon in the pantry and we had already started. Yeah, yeah...I know all you "Home Ec. Teachers" out there..."You should get out ALL your ingredients first before beginning" but we didn't, so Will saved the day by bringing some home.

As I checked in on Taylor's measuring and mixing I noticed she had a HUGE mound of baking soda in the bowl. After questioning it she said she put in 2 teaspoons just like it asks. Come to find out she had not realized that tsp and tbsp meant two different things. Great teachable moment! Even better was we caught it BEFORE it was detrimental to our taste buds!!!

As, I was teaching Tay about the difference between tsp and tbsp mind you I was using my calm teacher voice I had a MAJOR flashback to the first time a friend and I TRIED to make Banana Bread by ourselves. He was reading the directions aloud while I was doing the measuring and mixing. Well, he read "One cup oil" and I remember asking him to re-read it...Yep, he said, "ONE CUP OIL" So, I thought fine... I didn't question it again until the buzzer went off on the stove and we opened the oven door...to find two bread pans OOOOZZZZING with oil! I can still see them as plain as day. They were the most disgusting looking things you have ever seen in your life! Needless to say that should have been a sign of my future cooking abilities!!!! The worst part was we were more than capable of reading...we were in middle school!

Taylor and I decided to make muffins instead of loaves of bread. The title of the post was soooo very accurate! They are the best pumpkin muffins ever! I think they would be very good with raisins or dried cranberries added into the mix! I suggest giving the recipe a try. Plus, check out Grace Violet. I think you will enjoy her stuff.

Still Here And All In One Piece...

I would like to inform everyone: Yes, our house IS still in place up on the hill after the past few days of HORRIBLE wind! There were more than a few times I worried that I would end up as Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz...(not that I wouldn't LOVE to meet my Fairy Godmother) but thankfully we are still up here all in ONE piece...minus a few outdoor toys though...but anything is better than meeting up with The Wicked Witch and a group of her flying monkeys!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

{Perfect Weekend}

Ever have those days where ya don't want to really move from the couch? Well, one of those days hit our home Saturday. Will and I had great plans to get A LOT accomplished but found ourselves still in our sweats and on the couch watching our 3rd football game of the day as dinner time rolled around.

That's right...we sat ALL DAY watching FOOTBALL! In my mind there really is NOTHING better. We started off with the Boise State game enjoying every bit of Kellen's success. Then, we moved on to the Alabama/LSU where Alabama pulled off the win in OT! Finally we found ourselves watch the HUSKY game. Yes, I know... that word is NOT allowed in our home but...we had to cheer on Cody...who seemed to be the only one on the Husky team who could do ANYTHING right all day! That's right...our Cody Bruns was AMAZING. He threw the ONLY TD pass of the day for the Huskies! I'm thinking the coaches need to reconsider their current QB choices! I am confident that Cody could get the job done! Oooo, that would mean he would be QB-ing against MY WSU Cougars in the Apple Cup! That soooo would not be a good outcome for the Cougs!

Sunday brought more football but not as much watched by us. We got outside and did a little work around the house and inside my horribly messy car! It is amazing and disgusting the things you find when you deep clean your back seats!

Will takin' care of the tumble weeds before they take over our yard!

While Will and I worked the kids got some MUCH NEEDED fresh air. Taylor decided to pick up a basketball (outside of practice) and Ryan of course went straight for his scooter. He is practicing being able to "pop-a-wheelie!" I'm tellin' ya the kid is going to be a stuntman when he grows up. Will found him pumping trying to get more speed while going DOWN our driveway. Those of you who haven't been to our house...at the end of our driveway is a HUGE cliff. One day I will find him at the bottom of it...

Ryan showing us what he is "trying" to do w/o putting his foot down.

Taylor showing me that she CAN TOO dribble between her legs! After seeing this pic she decided maybe she did need some more practice. Funny Girl!!

Will's look of "Would you put the darn camera down and start helping please!"

I can't remember the last time we were all home together on the weekend. Taylor is usually away most of the weekend at different friends houses. We have started asking her if she is trying to tell us she doesn't like us much. I really enjoyed our family time together. It was a relaxing and productive weekend all in one! Gotta love it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kids+Auction Items=$$$$

And the highest bidders are...
Last Thursday night Messiah Lutheran Preschool held their annual Octoberfest (in November this year). It consisted of good food, an enjoyably funny performance by the preschoolers and a silent auction.
Ryan could hardly wait to get there because earlier that day he had seen one of the items which contained multiple boxes of LEGO's but not just any LEGO's...STAR WARS LEGO items. All afternoon he kept saying "As soon as we get there tonight the first thing we need to do is go buy that LEGO box." I felt like a broken record because I was trying to explain to a 5 year old that it wasn't like a store...he was going to have to BID on the darn thing not just walk up to the counter and pay for it. And, of course just like any 5 year old he had NO IDEA what I was talking about...until we got to the event.

Ryan with his "purchase."

The first thing he did was walk over to the tables with his Nana Cheryl to show her what he was going to "buy." And of course she thought it was something he really truly needed. So, the two of them were determined to "buy" the LEGO items.

Taylor has all items on her nightstand, right next to her head.

As the two of them were working on the LEGO items Taylor was busy with her own bidding. She was trying to win a football signed by Prosser's one and only Kirby Moore (#34 on the Mustang Football team)! Well, unfortunately in the end she lost at the last second...but she had a back up plan...she was also eyeing the signed picture, water bottle, AND football signed by Prosser's current QB Jordan Durbin. When she realized she had lost the items signed by Kirby she put all her attention and efforts into winning Jordan's items.

The night was a success all around!!! Ryan "bought" his LEGO's, Taylor won her Jordan Durbin items and the Preschool made a KILLING off of my kids!
Thank Goodness for Nana Cheryl's checkbook. :)

Totally My Kid

I can see the LOVE in his eyes!!

On Friday night (just like EVERY NIGHT) Ryan asked for some ice cream. As I was dishing it up he asked if I would please stir it all together making it like a "smoothie." I couldn't believe my ears! This is sooooo my favorite way to eat ice cream. I love to dish up a big bowl and then mix it all up until it is nice and smooth.

What is so extra funny about this story is since the first time Will saw me do this (when we were dating) he has always said how much it totally disgusts him. I have never understood what the big deal was...ice cream stirred up in a bowl...just like a milkshake but not in a cup. He says it is sooo not the same thing.?? So, of course whenever we have ice cream I just laugh as I sit down next to him and begin mixing the solid ice cream until it is extra soft and smooth. He has gone to a reaction of just shaking his head at me.

Ryan enjoying EVERY bite!

So, when Ryan asked me to do this for him I had to have him repeat it so his dad could hear specifically what he was requesting. Will didn't even turn around to look at him. He just shook his head smiling as shivers went through his body. With that I picked up the spoon and began stirring! :)

Love you RyJack!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Gifts To Remember

Ryan had an amazing birthday with AMAZING GIFTS! While writing this post I thought to myself "My Goodness it looks like Christmas with all the wonderful gifts he was given!" When Will and I went birthday shopping for him we sort of had a plan. But just when you think you are finished shopping with Will...yep, he finds just one more thing to buy!

Taylor gave Ryan Connect Four so they can play together and hopefully help Ryan learn to make AB patterns! Will and I gave Mr Ryan Mario Kart for the Wii, a Star Wars figure, a Razor Scooter (which we then went back and got another one for Miss Taylor), and an IPod Shuffle (in green of course!!). Ryan has been asking for an IPod for the past two years. Will and I have discussed the fact that a 5 year old with an IPod is a bit...no A LOT absurd but with the rest of us in the fam having ITunes it didn't make sense to get "a kids" type IPod and purchase a totally different music base. So, yes he got the shuffle and he was SOOOO THRILLED! He loaded songs on that thing immediately, put the headphones on and danced and sang all day long!

Nana Cheryl and Papa Dickie gave him Star Wars Sheets for his bed, some clothes, and what he and Will describe as "the best thing ever"...The Millennium Falcon which he and Will were soooo excited about! The two of them were kept busy for HOURS! Apparently the advertisement for the Millennium Falcon was "The ultimate dollhouse for boys."
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Fabulous Five Years!

Miss Taylor was sooo excited for her baby brother!

I can not believe my little guy is 5 years old! It really does seem just like yesterday that we were heading to Kadlec to bring the little guy into the world. He was not due until November 11th but I had such problems with swelling that Dr. Anderson (bless his heart!!!) decided to induce me. I told Dr. Anderson I WOULD NOT have a Halloween baby (he looked and me with his huge grin and just shook his head)!! We planned it for November 1st.

Don't I look thrilled to have everyone just hangin' around...I think they thought it was a GREAT party! I'm thinking...Let's get this party started!!!!!

After sitting around all day waiting for something to happen my parents, my sister and my aunt took Miss Taylor home for the night (around 10:30ish). As I watched the second hand move SLOWLY around and around while Will laid on the couch SOUND asleep...I realized IT was TIME!!!

Will got the nurse who came in to check me and quickly replied "DO NOT PUSH! The Doctor will be RIGHT in!" Dr Anderson came rushing into the room. Everyone seemed to be in fast forward. But apparently because it was almost midnight and the nurse had already filled out the paper work for the following day and was trying to get it changed WHILE I NEEDED TO PUSH!!!!!

When Dr. Anderson gave me the go ahead I pushed twice and out Mr Ryan came into the world! I should have known by how easy my delivery was with him that he would cause trouble down the road! :) He was born on November 1st at 11:58pm.

Daddy changing the first diaper.

We called my parents at our house to let them know they left just a bit too soon. They woke everyone up, got dressed and loaded back up into the car to drive in the SNOW back to the hospital.

Proud Daddy has a boy to carry on the Beightol name!

Ryan has blessed us with so many wonderful AND stressful things so far in his 5 years. I am sure he has so much more up his sleeve to bless us all with! We love you Ryan Jackson!!!!

Big 5 year old boy!!!

Missing Out No Longer!

Being home now, has allowed me to be available for my kids more than I ever realized they needed! This past week I was able to be with Ryan on his field trip to the Fire Station, at his Pumpkin Party, and then with Miss Taylor at her Halloween Party at school.

It was so much fun to see my children in their environments outside of our home. We have always taught our kids that no matter if we are with you or not, the choices you make are being watched AND judged! "Remember who you are and what you represent!"
I have found Ryan to be very much a follower as apposed to Taylor who shows much more leadership abilities. Ryan is finally showing his teachers "the REAL RYAN" this year. Not so quiet is he ladies!?!?!
My mom was in town last week so she was able to come along for the fun too. We giggled at all the little things we saw both kids do at their schools and with their friends.

7 Random/Weird Things About Me...

Thank you dear Lolli for Tagging me...now the world is able to see how random and weird I really am! Love me or hate me...the choice is yours...

1. In my 13 years of public schooling I attended 8 DIFFERENT schools! My dad had a saying..."We move every six year whether we need to or not just to get the house deep cleaned!" And he stuck to that!

2. When I was pregnant with Miss Taylor my water broke on the field of Art Fiker Stadium! She was born on mine and Will's 1 year wedding anniversary. (It was such a romantic way to spend our first anniversary together...in the hospital pushing!) Since then, every year on August 9th instead of getting all dressed up to go out for a romantic evening we have a birthday party with a bunch of crazy girls running around!

3. I have a MAJOR FEAR of clowns and anything dressed in a costume covering their face! As far back as I can remember I have be DEATHLY afraid of CLOWNS. Up until college I had chalked it up to me just being dumb. Until one day a girlfriend came back from Psych class saying her Professor talked during class about a REAL fear people have for clowns! I was so glad to know I wasn't as crazy as I had originally believed!

4. My Junior year in high school I got the opportunity to perform during halftime at the Aloha Bowl (which no longer exists). I woke up Christmas morning in Hawaii (without my family) to put on a skin tight, bright red, one piece spandex outfit to dance on national television...wouldn't catch me DEAD in that thing now...cause I wouldn't be able to get it past my calf!

5. I HATE public events! I am such a homebody!!!! Going to social events and parties causes my heart to race and my palms to sweat...even if the event is held by our best of friends! Whenever I tell people that I am NOT social they always think I am joking. But really I have MAJOR Social Anxiety attacks!

6. I have a major habit of picking my kids noses! I know...TOTALLY GROSS! But I find "Boogs" in the nose of children even more disgusting!!! Taylor won't even get near me anymore...and Ryan is finding ways of wiggling out of my reach really fast!

7. Whenever we leave our house for a long period of time(vacations, trips to the Westside) I begin to panic on the way home that our house has burned to the ground and no one called to tell us. Ever since Will and I purchased our first home I have always had this fear of returning to a house burnt to the ground. I have NEVER discussed it with the kids but the very RANDOMLY WEIRD thing is...Ryan has started worrying about our house burning to the ground lately.???

Thanks Lolli for allowing me time to realize how TOTALLY weird I truly am!! :)

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