Monday, November 3, 2008

Fabulous Five Years!

Miss Taylor was sooo excited for her baby brother!

I can not believe my little guy is 5 years old! It really does seem just like yesterday that we were heading to Kadlec to bring the little guy into the world. He was not due until November 11th but I had such problems with swelling that Dr. Anderson (bless his heart!!!) decided to induce me. I told Dr. Anderson I WOULD NOT have a Halloween baby (he looked and me with his huge grin and just shook his head)!! We planned it for November 1st.

Don't I look thrilled to have everyone just hangin' around...I think they thought it was a GREAT party! I'm thinking...Let's get this party started!!!!!

After sitting around all day waiting for something to happen my parents, my sister and my aunt took Miss Taylor home for the night (around 10:30ish). As I watched the second hand move SLOWLY around and around while Will laid on the couch SOUND asleep...I realized IT was TIME!!!

Will got the nurse who came in to check me and quickly replied "DO NOT PUSH! The Doctor will be RIGHT in!" Dr Anderson came rushing into the room. Everyone seemed to be in fast forward. But apparently because it was almost midnight and the nurse had already filled out the paper work for the following day and was trying to get it changed WHILE I NEEDED TO PUSH!!!!!

When Dr. Anderson gave me the go ahead I pushed twice and out Mr Ryan came into the world! I should have known by how easy my delivery was with him that he would cause trouble down the road! :) He was born on November 1st at 11:58pm.

Daddy changing the first diaper.

We called my parents at our house to let them know they left just a bit too soon. They woke everyone up, got dressed and loaded back up into the car to drive in the SNOW back to the hospital.

Proud Daddy has a boy to carry on the Beightol name!

Ryan has blessed us with so many wonderful AND stressful things so far in his 5 years. I am sure he has so much more up his sleeve to bless us all with! We love you Ryan Jackson!!!!

Big 5 year old boy!!!


Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Ryan Jackson!!! You are all boy and a blessing to your family :) I can't believe how much his birth pictures truly have his "look" Lots of times I don't see resemblences in newborn pix to present day, but that is definately Ryan!! Have a great day!

Alissa and baby Brody said...

I love your delivery story, now that I have been throught it i just love hearing about other peoples. He was one cute baby, and hes growing into a handsome young man. Doesnt the time just fly! My little Brody is already a month, and like you said it feels like just yesturday I was headed to Kadelac to have him. I dont want Brody to keep growing, i want him to stay little forever, but i also cant wait for him to be Ryan's age, It seems like to so much! Happy Birthday Ryan.

Lolli said...

The picture of the happy family with you laying in bed is hysterical. I can totally tell exactly what you were thinking! Too darn funny!

I agree with Lynn! Ryan has always looked like...Ryan. Wow!

Will looks like a little boy in the pic where he is holding Ryan. I think both your guys have grown up.

Happy late birthday Mr. Ryan! You keep being the true boy you are!