Monday, November 3, 2008

Missing Out No Longer!

Being home now, has allowed me to be available for my kids more than I ever realized they needed! This past week I was able to be with Ryan on his field trip to the Fire Station, at his Pumpkin Party, and then with Miss Taylor at her Halloween Party at school.

It was so much fun to see my children in their environments outside of our home. We have always taught our kids that no matter if we are with you or not, the choices you make are being watched AND judged! "Remember who you are and what you represent!"
I have found Ryan to be very much a follower as apposed to Taylor who shows much more leadership abilities. Ryan is finally showing his teachers "the REAL RYAN" this year. Not so quiet is he ladies!?!?!
My mom was in town last week so she was able to come along for the fun too. We giggled at all the little things we saw both kids do at their schools and with their friends.

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Lolli said...

Brat! (You know what I mean;)