Sunday, November 16, 2008

Better Keep Their Day Jobs!

On Thursday, Taylor got the news she has been waiting to get for weeks! The guitar class she took last year was starting back up on Friday morning. She was soooo excited that she ran straight back to her room and got out her guitar. I don't know if she got it out due to uncontrollable excitement or that fact that she hadn't practiced in MONTHS!
She wasn't the only person excited about guitar starting again! That's right, the little brother ran straight to his room too. While Tay was in her room strumming away, I could hear Ryan singing in his room. As I quietly peeked my head around his door I found him on his bed with Taylor's old guitar out also strumming away.
(To hear the videos you will need to pause the music player at the bottom of the page.)
They both were so cute in their own worlds totally rockin out! Ryan seemed to be more into the Country Theme of singing about "loving his family and losing his dog." While Taylor's sound and look more resembled "a soft rock ballad."

And for the Finale...

I guess he was adding his "Kid Rock" version of Country!

I do believe both of my children are very talented and that they have the abilities to be ANYTHING in the world they want to be...but musicians probably are not in the cards for them. :)


Thompson Family said...

Lost in their music... I love it!! Very cute :-)

Lynn said...

Sooo sweet! I hope I can have front row tickets to their concerts when they become famous =)