Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nummy Muffins

Tuesday I was surfing the Blogging world and came acrossed a WONDERFUL blog called Grace Violet. She is a very talented and creative lady! One of her posts was titled The Best Pumpkin Bread. Ever. I looked over the recipe and realized that even I could make this! I actually put Taylor in charge of mixing the recipe up. I had to step in though when we realized we were w/o Ground Cinnamon in the pantry and we had already started. Yeah, yeah...I know all you "Home Ec. Teachers" out there..."You should get out ALL your ingredients first before beginning" but we didn't, so Will saved the day by bringing some home.

As I checked in on Taylor's measuring and mixing I noticed she had a HUGE mound of baking soda in the bowl. After questioning it she said she put in 2 teaspoons just like it asks. Come to find out she had not realized that tsp and tbsp meant two different things. Great teachable moment! Even better was we caught it BEFORE it was detrimental to our taste buds!!!

As, I was teaching Tay about the difference between tsp and tbsp mind you I was using my calm teacher voice I had a MAJOR flashback to the first time a friend and I TRIED to make Banana Bread by ourselves. He was reading the directions aloud while I was doing the measuring and mixing. Well, he read "One cup oil" and I remember asking him to re-read it...Yep, he said, "ONE CUP OIL" So, I thought fine... I didn't question it again until the buzzer went off on the stove and we opened the oven find two bread pans OOOOZZZZING with oil! I can still see them as plain as day. They were the most disgusting looking things you have ever seen in your life! Needless to say that should have been a sign of my future cooking abilities!!!! The worst part was we were more than capable of reading...we were in middle school!

Taylor and I decided to make muffins instead of loaves of bread. The title of the post was soooo very accurate! They are the best pumpkin muffins ever! I think they would be very good with raisins or dried cranberries added into the mix! I suggest giving the recipe a try. Plus, check out Grace Violet. I think you will enjoy her stuff.


Lolli said...

Nummers! Feel free to add chocolate chips to a batch and I'll be more than happy to taste test em'. I bet they smelled yummy baking too!

I'm impressed that you taught a mini math lesson. You go girl!

Lynn said...

If you drop some "taste testing" off at Lolli's, feel free to swing past my house next. I run with the big dogs when it comes to taste testing-basically just eating!! :)

Michele said...

Yummy!!! I love pumpkin ANYHTING!! Sounds like it was fun mother/daughter evening!!