Monday, November 3, 2008

Gifts To Remember

Ryan had an amazing birthday with AMAZING GIFTS! While writing this post I thought to myself "My Goodness it looks like Christmas with all the wonderful gifts he was given!" When Will and I went birthday shopping for him we sort of had a plan. But just when you think you are finished shopping with Will...yep, he finds just one more thing to buy!

Taylor gave Ryan Connect Four so they can play together and hopefully help Ryan learn to make AB patterns! Will and I gave Mr Ryan Mario Kart for the Wii, a Star Wars figure, a Razor Scooter (which we then went back and got another one for Miss Taylor), and an IPod Shuffle (in green of course!!). Ryan has been asking for an IPod for the past two years. Will and I have discussed the fact that a 5 year old with an IPod is a A LOT absurd but with the rest of us in the fam having ITunes it didn't make sense to get "a kids" type IPod and purchase a totally different music base. So, yes he got the shuffle and he was SOOOO THRILLED! He loaded songs on that thing immediately, put the headphones on and danced and sang all day long!

Nana Cheryl and Papa Dickie gave him Star Wars Sheets for his bed, some clothes, and what he and Will describe as "the best thing ever"...The Millennium Falcon which he and Will were soooo excited about! The two of them were kept busy for HOURS! Apparently the advertisement for the Millennium Falcon was "The ultimate dollhouse for boys."
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Lolli said...

Okay...remember that conversation we had the other day? I knew you couldn't do it;) I'm glad because now the pressure is off of me! We tend to go a little overboard at Christmas. The "thought" of cutting back sounds great but I started peeking around online last night and it will be too hard.

I'm so glad Ryan loved everything. What a lucky little guy he is!!

charlie said...

Man tell Ryan that I am sooooo jealous! I always wanted a "Millennium Falcon!" and sheets to boot!!! WOW!!! Happy Birthday Ryan!

Arianne said...

Happy Birthday to your son! 5 is a sweet age. I know what you mean about a 5 year old with an IPod, out daughters had to wait until they were driving to get a phone and now Evan has one at 13yrs. He also has a nicer IPod than his 21 year old sister!!(his other one dosn't even have one) Times have changed! I'm glad your son had a wonderful B-Day.