Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thank You Burger King??

Ryan, the Bart Simpson impersonator.
Friday night Will took the kids through Burger King for dinner. Anyone who knows Ryan well enough knows he isn't the LEAST bit concerned about the food. He just wants the STUPID 3 cent toy. This trip was no different. The thing that INFURIATES me is as badly as he cries for the darn toy it is forgotten about by the time we get home!!! Except for some strange reason Saturday afternoon he still had a hold of the dumb toy!
He came running out of his room, grabbed the TV remote with his left hand while holding the Bart Simpson toy (from BK) in his right and said "look at this." Above is the what he was showing us. The picture isn't real clear but Bart is sitting in a chair, holding a remote, and sticking out his tongue. And our "funny" little guy, for some strange reason decided he too could be just as funny if he mimicked Bart. We laughed so darn hard!
Ryan has NEVER seen an episode of The Simpson's due to the fact that I really don't need my young man to get ANY ideas from the not so kind Bart Simpson nor his "not so intelligent father, Homer." I'm not stupid enough to think that my nice young man won't ever come up with some of Bart's tricks on his own...but I DO know RyJack doesn't need ANY help with ideas!!!

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