Sunday, November 9, 2008

Totally My Kid

I can see the LOVE in his eyes!!

On Friday night (just like EVERY NIGHT) Ryan asked for some ice cream. As I was dishing it up he asked if I would please stir it all together making it like a "smoothie." I couldn't believe my ears! This is sooooo my favorite way to eat ice cream. I love to dish up a big bowl and then mix it all up until it is nice and smooth.

What is so extra funny about this story is since the first time Will saw me do this (when we were dating) he has always said how much it totally disgusts him. I have never understood what the big deal cream stirred up in a bowl...just like a milkshake but not in a cup. He says it is sooo not the same thing.?? So, of course whenever we have ice cream I just laugh as I sit down next to him and begin mixing the solid ice cream until it is extra soft and smooth. He has gone to a reaction of just shaking his head at me.

Ryan enjoying EVERY bite!

So, when Ryan asked me to do this for him I had to have him repeat it so his dad could hear specifically what he was requesting. Will didn't even turn around to look at him. He just shook his head smiling as shivers went through his body. With that I picked up the spoon and began stirring! :)

Love you RyJack!!!!


Lynn said...

Oh my, this is a memory trigger for me :) I have always loved doing this too (i think it was a pre-req. for being in our family growing up) I can remember, and I know this soooooo totally dates me, but we would do this on Friday nights and watch "The Donny and Marie Show" :) :) :) For any of you REALLY young ones, that's the Osmonds!! =)
You can hang with me anytme Ryan!!

SunnyD said...

How funny. It's wierd the things we can pass on to our kids. He is such a cute!

Lolli said...

Nummers! I too used to stir up my ice cream like that! I would put Nesquick into my vanilla ice cream and smoosh it together. Yummmmm! I think I'm on my way to the grocery store to get some ice cream. I'll be back!