Monday, November 3, 2008

7 Random/Weird Things About Me...

Thank you dear Lolli for Tagging the world is able to see how random and weird I really am! Love me or hate me...the choice is yours...

1. In my 13 years of public schooling I attended 8 DIFFERENT schools! My dad had a saying..."We move every six year whether we need to or not just to get the house deep cleaned!" And he stuck to that!

2. When I was pregnant with Miss Taylor my water broke on the field of Art Fiker Stadium! She was born on mine and Will's 1 year wedding anniversary. (It was such a romantic way to spend our first anniversary the hospital pushing!) Since then, every year on August 9th instead of getting all dressed up to go out for a romantic evening we have a birthday party with a bunch of crazy girls running around!

3. I have a MAJOR FEAR of clowns and anything dressed in a costume covering their face! As far back as I can remember I have be DEATHLY afraid of CLOWNS. Up until college I had chalked it up to me just being dumb. Until one day a girlfriend came back from Psych class saying her Professor talked during class about a REAL fear people have for clowns! I was so glad to know I wasn't as crazy as I had originally believed!

4. My Junior year in high school I got the opportunity to perform during halftime at the Aloha Bowl (which no longer exists). I woke up Christmas morning in Hawaii (without my family) to put on a skin tight, bright red, one piece spandex outfit to dance on national television...wouldn't catch me DEAD in that thing now...cause I wouldn't be able to get it past my calf!

5. I HATE public events! I am such a homebody!!!! Going to social events and parties causes my heart to race and my palms to sweat...even if the event is held by our best of friends! Whenever I tell people that I am NOT social they always think I am joking. But really I have MAJOR Social Anxiety attacks!

6. I have a major habit of picking my kids noses! I know...TOTALLY GROSS! But I find "Boogs" in the nose of children even more disgusting!!! Taylor won't even get near me anymore...and Ryan is finding ways of wiggling out of my reach really fast!

7. Whenever we leave our house for a long period of time(vacations, trips to the Westside) I begin to panic on the way home that our house has burned to the ground and no one called to tell us. Ever since Will and I purchased our first home I have always had this fear of returning to a house burnt to the ground. I have NEVER discussed it with the kids but the very RANDOMLY WEIRD thing is...Ryan has started worrying about our house burning to the ground lately.???

Thanks Lolli for allowing me time to realize how TOTALLY weird I truly am!! :)

I'm tagging: **Kim-Juliane-Wanda-Alissa-Sunny-Tawnya**

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Lolli said...

Dude...picking boogers?!? Ooohh! I love your honesty though!!

Hey, if your house starts to burn, I'll give you a ring. Don't worry your pretty little face about that! ;)

I know what you mean about the bright red spandex. We had black first and then went to cherry red. Not a good move.

Hey, I have a sinus infection. Could you...oh, never mind;)