Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was tagged by Karen and Lynn!

Name: Taylor RyAnne Beightol

Age: 10

Nicknames: TayTay, Little Bug, Chicken, RyAnne, Sis,

Favorite Activities: Basketball, swimming, listening to music, reading, writing, texting

Favorite Foods: Pizza, Shrimp, Mexican Food, Clam Chowder, Ice Cream

Least Favorite Foods: cooked veggies, mom's enchiladas,

Favorite Music: anything on XM Channel 20 and 30, Pink, Flo Rida

Toys: Wii, bike, basketball, guitar

Books: anything Fantasy, Tangerine, The Giver, Bud Not Buddy

What Makes Me Happy: spending time with friends, reading, shopping

What Makes Me Sad: seeing other people sad, when mom and dad tell me no
TAG: Michele (Chelsea), Julaine (Brandi), Wanda (Trevor)

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