Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Hippo As A Lifesaver???

Check this place out! It was a TOTAL lifesaver!
Hippo Scraps

With way more work then EVER should have been done my template it is finally changed! Poor Will sat at the darn computer for over 2 hours trying to get the template that I had chosen yesterday to switch to a 3 column. I forced him to go to bed...harvest brings early mornings and late nights. He needs some sleep.

After spending HOURS trying to change the template using Karen's advice on my comment list (Thanks Karen) I still couldn't get the exact template to work. The STUPID page wasn't working. So, now that it is 12:30AM I have chosen a TOTALLY different background from a new blog I found called HippoScraps.com. It was SOOOOO simple once I tried a different designer. I don't know why the other blog designer's pages weren't changing!

Even though the font sizes and colors are not yet adjusted to what I want them to be I am going to bed. After being up last night until 2AM and now about to see 1AM I am going to bed to get some sleep. I guarantee I will get A LOT more sleep now that I have a NEW background and I know that people are not coming across a page that looks all bizarrely arranged!

Tomorrow is another day...Oh I guess it already is tomorrow...So, what I meant to say is "When the sun rises is another opportunity to become "all techie" again!"

Sweet Dreams!

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Lynn said...

You did good! this is really cute and it's fun to find other blog outfits for new ideas :) Hope you got some rest!