Monday, October 20, 2008

Back To Basketball

Saturday brought the beginning of another season of AAU Basketball. Taylor's team was placed into the top bracket this session and looking at the rest of the teams we weren't very excited. But Saturday the girls REALLY surprised ALL of us by playing extremely well against the amazing Burbank team! We have never beat those girls and they usually BLOW us OUT OF THE GYM! One of their girls is literally the height of Will! She has ALWAYS been TALL but we all think she grew TONS this summer. Maybe it is just the fact that I have to look UP to a 5th grader that seems a bit strange.The Burbank team has only ever lost games to the Mabton Tournament Team. These girls are very good athlete's with a great coach! I don't mind playing them even though in the end the results aren't good. The Burbank girls have great sportsmanship and never once have our girls come off the court complaining of any of them being rude!
Our girls played their hearts out on Saturday. At one point we were only down by 4 points but ended up losing by 9 points. Not bad AT all for their first game of the season. Way to go girls! Keep practicing and I know you will one day beat that team! We LOVE you ALL!!!


Lynn said...

We stood and watched some of this game and that girl was TALL!! Good game girls-always tough against Burbank!

Lolli said...

I was expecting much worse after listening to some of the talk on Friday. I was impressed when I peeked in before Jen's game. I couldn't find you at first and was seriously thinking you had been kicked out. Whew...I was sure happy when I found you.

It looks like you guys can expect a great season! You go girls!!