Monday, October 20, 2008

Bunko @ The Beightol's

So Friday Night brought yet another night of fun with the Bunko Ladies! This time it was at my house and we had a full house! After eating, chatting and being entertained by Ryan and Will we sat down to get started rollin' the dice!

Once again Ange kept us laughing through the night and Will kept encouraging her. Will can't resist hangin' with a house full of ladies! He even got to do a little rolling of the dice himself. Wanda was running late so Will sat in as Wanda calling them "Team W."
Michele Smith joined our Bunko group and fit in great adding to some fun times. We did miss a few regulars due to family things that needed to be taken care of. But we hope to have everyone together again next month as we head off to Cami's house for yet another fun filled evening!


Julaine said...

Thanks for an awesome night amy! It was great to get out of the house for some adult conversation! (and just a few laughs)

Lolli said...

I know I laughed more than just a few times. That was a hoot! I can't wait until Cami's!! I think I'm still feelin' lucky.