Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brother And Sister Time

It is amazing how quickly a day goes by and there are still SO many things that still need to be done! One of those things seems to ALWAYS be reading. Ryan of course never wants to do our reading during the day when we seem to have the time (that would be too easy)!
So, the other night Taylor had crawled into her bed to do her reading (which she seems to never forget to do) before she turns out the light for the night. Ryan needed to get his reading done and I wasn't really in the mood when he said "I know why doesn't Sissy read to me tonight?" I told him that was a WONDERFUL idea. A few minutes later I could hear them in her room talking about the story and the pictures. Taylor likes to take on the roll of mother/teacher with him quite often ;) So, I grabbed my camera and headed back to see what I could find.
Well, from this picture you can see I got caught in the act of taking pics. After this pic he told me to leave because it was his and Taylor's time together. I had to could I resist not letting them have some brother and sister bonding time!


Lolli said...

Oh...isn't that the best? It's nice that they have brother and sister time but I bet you really enjoyed the quiet mom time! What a great big sister! It looks like she really kept him interested in the book.

SunnyD said...

That's sweet! One of the perks about having some space between your kids! :) Coleman reads to my kids now and then but Hal is the only one that can sit still for half a second.

Lynn said...

Love it when this happens! My boys loooove reading to Kambree, it's a matter of her wanting to be read to :)