Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Run Over By A Gator!

Gotta love a woman in control!!!

On our way home from preschool yesterday Ryan and I noticed that Kambree and Lynn were laying out on the trampoline relaxing. So, we pulled in to chat for a bit. "A bit" turned into an hour and forty-five minutes but we witnesses some dangerously hilarious moments!

Ryan and Miss Kambree had a blast jumping on the trampoline. Kampbell arrived home to join in on the fun. But, trampoline fun can only last so long for 3 and 4 year olds before their attention span goes elsewhere...yep the Gator!

She is doing a great job checking behind her before backing up! :)

Ryan was so excited he could hardly stand it. Kambree made it very clear that SHE was driving. At first she wanted Ryan to sit in the way back (probably because she was so mad that Ryan kept forgetting her name and calling her Kampbell!)but Lynn pointed out that there was plenty of room for both of the up front.

Lynn is trying to guide them into the road helping to check for cars!

Well, Miss Kambree has just recently be allowed to drive the Gator as apposed to being a passenger so she is still piecing together all the safety requirements when you are the driver. She was doing very good except that her passenger kept standing up and finally after the fourth time of Lynn and myself telling Mr Ryan to STAY SEATED, he fell off the Gator! Oh, but that isn't even the BEST part! Nope, it is the fact that Kambree didn't realize she needed to stop when losing a passenger and she ran right UP AND OVER...yes you read that correctly UP AND OVER Ryan's head!!!!

We should have known by how crazy they are alone they could REALLY cause trouble together!!!

Lynn was freaking out and I was laughing so hard (I'm laughing right now!) and poor Ryan appeared again from the undercarriage of the Gator rubbing his face and looking a bit dazed. In my mind I knew he had gotten what he deserved. No time like the present to learn...follow directions or someone just might get hurt!

Ryan didn't cry but looked as if he wanted to. He has a HUGE pain tolerance so I just figured he was fine. But once we got into the car to go home he said "Mom, I wanted to cry when Kambree ran over me, but I didn't." I think maybe he was trying to act tough in front of her!

Kampbell and Ryan became very good friends too! Kampbell probably is thinking "Thank Goodness Ryan was here to get the wrath of Kambree today instead of me, for once!"

RyJack has asked at least 10 times today "When can we go back to Kambree's house? I think he may have found himself a new "friend." Too Cute!!!!!

Here is the damage done to his face by the tires of the Gator! He took some "medasa" as he calls it and feel asleep pretty fast last night! Again today he asked for some more but I don't think he really needed any he just wanted attention. Funny little dude!


Lynn said...

I cracked up again reading this!! They had a good time together and Ryan's head under the gator tire is imprinted in my brain :) Thank goodness it wasn't a "big" gator. Today I told someone about it and she kept saying "I said I was sorry :(" They both need to enroll in a driving/passenger 101 course! She had a good time with Ryan. Maybe next time we'll just make cookie dough or something toned down a bit :) Thanks for playing Ryan!!

Nana Juli said...

Ohhhhh my God!!!! I hope this child sees the age of 10. Some how I don't see this being the last time a "Girl" runs him over!!!! Gotta love him. Maybe he should wear that helmet 24-7!!!!!

Lolli said...

I wasn't even there and I can see this whole thing play out in slow motion. Mr. Ryan is sooo boy! The more risk, dare, and adventure...the better. I think he looks macho with bruises, scrapes, and scars on his face;)

I'm glad you all had a fun time otherwise. If you do decide to make cookie dough, I'd be happy to help eat it. Just let me know when and where:)

Arianne said...

Your family is Beautiful! Im sorry your son got hurt-watch out for that Kambree girl!!!
Thank You for the comments on our blogs, we are really enjoying Brody, he is a joy to have in our family.
If you ever see us in town say Hi.
(did you ever have Alissa in class?)

Kim said...

Wow that Gator must have a lot of power to be able to over UP AND OVER Ryan's noggin!!! LOL J/K I love my little nephew! What a tough little man!

Well Miss Mia and I cannot wait for Miss Taylor to come and visit!!!! Everyday Mia keeps asking if today's the day we are going to watch "high cool mutical" w/ Taylor. So every day I have to say "No not today, we still have a few days" LOL And she can't wait to "build a bear" and eat at a restaurant w/ her too! I have a feeling it's gonna be an expensive weekend =)

love and miss you all xoxoxoxo