Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Day

Last Thursday Ryan's preschool class headed off to The Schell's Pumpkin Patch. I got the privilege of driving Ryan and two of his classmates. They were so funny to listen to on the drive. I had placed Abby in the middle Ryan and Isaac to keep the boys from leaving her out. But, I should have wouldn't have mattered where I placed Miss Abby she is sure NOT to be left out! She helped me keep those two boys honest! Thanks Abbs.

I myself had never been to The Schell's Pumpkin Patch before and it was soooo much fun! The kids were able to roast marshmallows in the campfire, we went on a hay ride, they climbed up haystacks and slid down slides, we went through the corn maze and lastly each of us got to pick out our own special pumpkin.
Having been a working mom up until this year I hadn't realized how much I had been missing out on my kids lives each year when they would go on these field trips and I would do my duty of going to work to educate Prosser's youth. Not that I don't think Prosser's youth are important!!!!! I now just realize that my own kids need me and that should be and is now my first priority!!!! Good thing the Lord knows what he is doing for all of us...even if we don't agree at the time!!!!!!!!!

After picking out our pumpkins we loaded back up into the cars and head off to the Dinosaur Park for some lunch. The kids were so funny to watch eating with each other and then running around the park.
Watching all those kids running around helped me see that my own young WILD man is a typical BOY! All the things he was doing the other little guys were doing too. I think he has taught them a few things as well as learned a couple things from the others!

What a great day all these kids had. These are the kinds of days that are full of memories that they will talk about forever.

The kids in Ryan's class are wonderful kids and all together a great class. He is lucky to have such amazing kids to become friends with and grow up learning life's little lessons with!!!!!


Julaine said...

Looks like you guys all had a great time! Aren't those trips fun? You are so right about not wanting to miss out on these little moments. They are absolutely priceless and gone so fast, before you know it they don't want you going along to stuff like that anymore. Suddenly we are just way too embarassing to hang around with their friends! lol

Lynn said...

What a fun day wasn't it?? I'm glad you are able to be a part of some of these adventures with Ryan. It's very rewarding (and challenging) to be home with these kiddos :) Wouldn't trade it for anything!!

The shadow picture looks familiar :) Don't ya love that!! The kids made me put it as our screen saver right now!