Wednesday, October 8, 2008

HUGE Suprise

Friday Night we had another Girls Night Out. I was thinking it was only Tammy, Lol, Wendy, and Me. Boy, was I WRONG! At 6:00 a BUS showed up...if you have ever been to my house you are asking yourself A bus made it up that long, rocky, dusty road? And the answer to your question is HECK YEAH!

As it pulled into the driveway Will got this huge smile on his face and I asked him with my authoritative voice WHAT IS GOING ON? He just shrugged his shoulders and said I didn't know Tammy traded in her Suburban for a bus. I said, SHE DIDN'T and neither did Wendy who is suppose to be the one driving tonight!"

Then the horn honked from the bus and Will opened the door saying You'd better get out there obviously SOMEONE is here to get you. I am not a huge fan of surprises so I slowly walked out the front door and down the walkway to find Linda Brownlee flashing pictures like she was the paparazzi. Then I climbed up the stairs of the bus hearing MANY voices yell HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was so surprised, happy, overwhelmed. and grateful! I have NEVER had a surprise party and I guess what better birthday than the 35th, the one which to me is where the roller coaster is at the very top of the roller coaster ready to go out of control full speed to 40!

With the bus filled with many of my WONDERFUL friends (Lolli, Wendy, Tammy, Glenda, Deanna, Connie, Dora, Wanda, and Linda) (unfortunately Barbie, Tammy Bybee and Audra weren't able to make it, they needed to stay behind to do mommy stuff!) we head onto the highway destination unknown to me. It was Dora's actual birthday so we were able to celebrate her birthday along with mine. We opened presents and laughed like we haven't laughed for a very long time!

The bus pulled into the parking lot of our destination KIMO'S. Amanda met us there and Sarah Davis unfortunately wasn't able to make it due to another one of her AMAZINGLY true stories. But that in itself is a whole nother HUGE post!

I was sooooooo glad to see EVERYONE but especially Amanda!!!

We had a GREAT time telling stories, laughing about old memories and running/hiding from people who felt they needed to be apart of our special evening.

These people were very strange also!?!?!?! The Mad Hatter found his way out of Alice In Wonderland and to KIMO'S restaurant?????

Lolli was in one of her devious moods and thought she would tell some strange man that "the girl named Amy" would dance with him! And that "Amy was wearing the birthday hat." Thank Goodness Deanna hollered at me to take the Birthday hat off immediately. Because the next thing I know the man is circling the table singing "Amy, Amy which one of you is Amy?"

Me hoping soooo badly that the guy calling for Amy will not figure out that I am AMY!

Deanna carrying on a conversation with "Stranger Man" Notice Lolli and Wanda in the background finding the entire situation hilarious!!!

I bolted to the restroom. Which wasn't a very good idea either because then he sat down in my seat and Amanda took up a conversation with him about me...Thanks Miss Amanda! :)

All in all we had a WONDERFULLY Evening!!!!!! Thank you ladies for making mine and Dora's birthday sooooo extra special.


Lynn said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow Amy!!!! I hope it is extra special like you :) It is downhill to 40, but then the climb begins again to 5.....never mind:) Have a wonderful day!!!! You deserve it :)

Lolli said...

Happy "real" birthday tomorrow! I just realized that the dancing' machine looks like "Ernest". Maybe he was scoping out a spot to film "Ernest Goes Dancing"! I'll still never forget the comment about the time he spent in the principal's office. That was dang funny! By the way...I didn't know you could run so fast;)