Saturday, October 25, 2008

Early Birthday Present...

For Ryan's birthday Will ordered him a football (youth size) to help him learn to throw and catch better. Well, Ryan's birthday is not until NEXT Saturday and as you can see from the pics Will couldn't resist giving it to him last night.

Okay, so I can't put all the blame on Will...I encouraged him, when he mentioned it last night. This is soooo why I don't start Christmas shopping until December because when I buy something for someone I CAN NOT wait to give it to them!!! I get sooo excited to see the look on their face when getting a gift. A MAJOR weakness that I totally get from my mother. ;)

When Will placed the box in front of Ryan and had him open it Ryan was shaking from head to toe with excitement! As he pulled the deflated ball out of the box he knew instantly what it was and was ready to play catch. Mind you it was pitch black outside...sooooo...yep you guessed it; my living room turned into the playing field.
There are MANY things that drive my CRAZY but playing catch with the football INSIDE the house isn't one of them. In college Will and I used to play catch in the hallway of the SAE Annex. I LOVE throwing the football around. It totally relaxes me for some strange reason.

Watching Will and Ryan play catch with the "just right" football was so much fun. Ryan was giggling the entire time. I'm telling ya, that football was the trick to help him learn to catch better. After just a couple throws he was catching the ball with good form and not dropping it!

It was good for the two of them to have father/son bonding time. During harvest there really is never enough of that!!!!


Lolli said...

You guys rock! There's nothing better than a little "just because" gift. I am like that too. The earlier you shop for gifts, the more you end up buying.

I'm so glad Ryan loved the ball. Now on those days you are ready to scream, maybe the two of you can play a little catch. I wish I could find something as simple as tossing a football to be relaxing. Rich and Lauryn were playing catch after the game Friday night and seemed quite relaxed. Maybe I ought it give it a try;)

Have fun shopping this week for a replacement gift!! I need to chase you down because I still have one of your presents in the back of my car.

Lynn said...

What a sweet grin on Ryan's face in the first picture! Those moments are the best especially when dad's can get one on one time with their kids. Harvest time is the worst for us as well so we cherish the "together time"
Just wondering about the nails??? Did Ryan paint Will's too or did he escape the nail polish?? Maybe it's just the lighting :) ALL my boys loved painting their nails and anyone elses they could get their hands on!!