Sunday, October 12, 2008

{Harvest Time Birthday}

My birthday always seems to go on for days...which when I was little (and a heck of a lot younger) I wouldn't really have minded. But now that I am 35 I question "Why does everyone need to keep reminding how darn OLD I am!" Because October brings long days and nights for Will (due to harvest) my birthday usually goes in multiple stages.

This is the card that Cheryl gave me which has a picture of a dog that looks just like Chance. The dog has sunglasses on and is riding in a nice car. Cheryl said the card is from Chance at his new home on the hill! Darn dog is livin' it we hope since we still haven't found him!

On Thursday morning Will and the kids gave me my presents to open as Will was rushing out the door with no idea what time he would return that evening. It use to bother me that It was MY birthday and he may not get home in time to have dinner with us. Maybe it is my OLD AGE...but it doesn't seem to bother me the way it use to. I guess at some point you start to realize the most important things in life. And one of those being it is just another day and at least I know he will be coming home to me some time that evening, even if I don't have an exact time. So, as he walked out the door that morning I smiled and said "See ya, when we see ya. Have a great day!"

After Will's mom got off of work she came up to the house with her presents for me! Taylor had gone to a friends house so it was just me, Cheryl and Ryan to enjoy opening. Ryan was getting very frustrated with me because I wasn't opening fast enough for him. He wanted me to tear into the present, look at the box, and move on to the next one. Cheryl reminded him that with the economy the way it is going we are all going to need to practice slowly opening present because when Christmas gets here if we tear through them really really fast Christmas will be over before we know it!" He looked at her as if she was insane! :)

I was trying REALLY hard not to lose it...knowing Cheryl was taking pictures. Would HATE to have me losing it on my 35th birthday captured on camera!

As Ryan was getting frustrated with me I too was getting extremely FRUSTRATED with him. He was tired and when he is tired he goes 3,000 miles a second. He runs, talks, rolls, spins and does anything he has to to keep from falling asleep standing up! So while I was trying to open and enjoy he was karate chopping me, standing on his head, running through the kitchen sliding across the wood floors and racing his Hot Wheel Cars into the walls and trim! I was trying really really really hard to ask him to stop but the nicer I asked the more he tried to find things to drive me wacky!

I really was excited about my MAC makeup! Ryan is just in the kitchen throwing a FIT and I am about ready to come unglued!!!! That would be why I am not looking so excited about my gift.

My WONDERFUL mother-n-law bought me my scrapbooking Cricut printer. It will allow me to start printing vinyl letters, phrases, saying, etc.

Cheryl and I had fun just asking it to make a star. I was sooooo excited I could hardly stand it. There are soooo many different cartridges that have different fonts and shapes that it will print out on paper, chipboard, vinyl, etc. There are starting to not be enough hours in the day for all the things I want to do with it!

My 35th birthday really wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I didn't feel any older than I had the previous day (a major PLUS), Ryan feel asleep early, and Will was home by 7:00 with my from Brickhouse!!!!!!!!


Lolli said...

Your description of Ryan totally cracked me up. I could just visualize him going faster and faster and you "trying" to remain calm. You are a lucky birthday girl! That is an awesome gift. I can't wait to see what all you can do with it. I didn't even know there was such a thing. I'll have to check it out on Friday:)

Nana Juli said...

But he is soooo darn cute!!! BUT....I have witnessed him when he is overly tired....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nana Cheryl is the greatest! Happy you had such a great day and that she was with you!!!!!!!

Lynn said...

Glad your birthday was great!! Too many possibilities with that printer :) What fun you will have! This could be venture number "2" in the making!!

Tawnya said...

Ya for the cricut. I want one so bad. I am so excited for you. I hope you had an awesome birthday!