Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Future Scientists??

Last night, Height's held their Science Night where a sample of classes from each grade have students doing a variety experiments that they have done in class.
Taylor came home last week and told us that Mr. VonMoos had chosen her along with three other classmates as the presenters for their 5th grade class. We were so proud of her. In the 3rd grade, her teacher had also chosen her for this special event.
She arrived there last night at 6:15 allowing she and Lara time to prepare their table for the evening to begin at 6:30. Both of them took their job VERY seriously! Usually when she and Lara get together there is A LOT of giggling. But they put on their "serious student hats" and were great scientists for the hour long presentations.

Also in Taylor and Lara's class are Anthony and Riley (AKA: Cubbie) which were doing their experiments at the table next to the girls. They too were taking their jobs very seriously. Then it was time to clean up...I found Anthony on the ground, and Riley messing around in the garbage!??? Goofy boys!

It was a nice event not only to see what my own child had been learning in science but also to see other Height's students show off their abilities too!!


Lynn said...

I remember a couple of cuties doing that 2 years ago :) What a super bunch of kids we have in this grade!!

Lolli said...

Looks like you need to add a little "Weird Science" to your playlist;) Lauryn was a touch upset that I didn't take her but she got over it quickly. I didn't think she wanted to go because when I asked her she said she wanted to go outside and shoot baskets. I guess she meant she wanted to shoot baskets and then go. Oops! Thanks for posting. Now she didn't totally miss it;)