Friday, October 3, 2008


The fly strip in the garage to "capture" the flies BEFORE they enter my home.
Looks like a new strip is needed!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I truly HATE flies! My family thinks I am insanely obsessed with them! I hate this time of year for the fact that flies are trying so hard to save their own lives that they start invading homes.

I spend soooo much of my day running around the house with the fly swatter in my hand trying to kill every single fly that enters my home. I have even had multiple fly strips hanging in the garage and laundry room trying to keep them from getting into the house!

My fly swatter which has come to just hang on the OUTSIDE of the closet so I can get to it quicker than opening the door to get it. It seems like whenever I have it in the closet, the flies "hear" me opening the door to their deaths and fly away!

The idea of them crawling around on the counters, food, walls, chairs, etc and leaving their "germs" all over everything brings me to such disgust that it makes my skin crawl just writing about it!!!!!!

This is the time of year that I start to look forward to the first freeze to kill off all those little annoying buggers! I know my thoughts are not very kind but they are absolutely, disgustingly dirty little creatures that I just want them gone. Who wants to pick up something to eat when you don't know if a fly just "might" have been walking around on it earlier!!!!!


Kim said...

That's really gross! I guess when we finally make our move to WA I should suggest fly strips and fly swatters as house warming presents?

SunnyD said... need to take some Dedre advice and get one of those spray things. They ROCK!!!

Lolli said...

I am so with you! This time of year the flies kind of hover like helicopters. On Friday at school one group of students (who up until this time were diligently working on a problem) burst into laughs and gags. A fly flew up the nose of one of the girls. She and another girl were gagging and the boy in the group was laughing hysterically.

charlie said...

Hey Amy! When we were in Portland last week, we went to a cool restaurant that had an interesting "fly repellant" system. It's gonna sound weird, but its worth a try! The restaurant swears by it.

Basically, take a large ziploc bag, like a gallon size and fill it 1/4 of the way with water. Close the bag. Then hang it from any doorway that you don't want flies to enter through. You can tack it up, which is what they did. They claim that the light that refracts through the water throws flies off and keeps them from flying through. I guess it messes with their eyes or something.

What the hay! Give it a try. Tell me if it works! Love to the Fams for me.