Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Party

We received an invitation last week to attend a Pumpkin Carving BBQ on the crush pad of Double Canyon facility in West Richland. The invitation and party was put together by the daughter's (McKayla and Matilda) of the winemaker, Ned, for Double Canyon.
It was like Christmas morning
where the kids keep asking "Can we start NOW?

McKayla waiting her turn to carve.

Matilda ready to dig in!

After realizing that Ned wouldn't be able to have time to carve pumpkins with them this year McKayla and Matilda decided to have everyone come to the facility to carve pumpkins together.

Suzie found a new technique, from "good ol' Martha Stewart", to cut off the BOTTOM of the pumpkin instead of the top. It helps in keeping the bottom from rotting and is MUCH easier to deal with the candle!

So, this afternoon Will, Ryan, and I (Taylor's still in Florida) headed up to West Richland with food to bbq and pumpkins to carve. McKayla and Matilda greeted us with smiles on as they were so excited for the party to happen!

The "Witches Brew"

We had great food, conversation, wine, and


Anyone who knows me knows I HATE HALLOWEEN!!!!!! I can not tell you why I hate it...I just do. It might have something to do with I HATE being scared though!!!! So, I put on a happy face and tried to look like I was ready for a good time...I (as well as everyone else) had a wonderful time!

Ryan did insist that I carve his pumpkin with a design which came out of a book. I taped the page onto his pumpkin and started poking holes in the darn thing. I only agreed to do it because we were in public. If we'd been at home I would have told him NO WAY. The design was very complicated and it took a LONG time to just punch the design into the pumpkin but THEN I had to use the cutting tool to finish. I was still working LONG after everyone else finished! In the end, it didn't turn out too bad...the image was suppose to be a wolf...and the wolf ended up having only one eye cause I accidentally make a wrong cut and off came the darn eye! Mind you Ryan ran past me maybe twice while I was working on HIS pumpkin. He didn't stay long enough to even see me make a cut in the darn thing.

The "free handed" R2-D2!

The painstakingly UGLY wolf!

After I was finished with his pumpkin I called him over and he was much more impressed with his dad's pumpkin which Will did free handed! He made R2-D2! I could have killed them both. There I sat working on a massively complicated ugly wolf and Will cut out R2-D2 without hardly blinking.

The finished products lit up. The pic really doesn't do them justice!

They both did turn out pretty neat!

Matilda's already looking ahead to the next party...

All in all, we had a great day with friends and family. As we were getting ready to leave Matilda said to her dad Ned, "I think we should have a Christmas Party out here on the crush pad Dad." We think Matilda has found her calling...Party Planner!


Lolli said...

What a great day! I love gutting the pumpkins but not such a fan of the carving. I usually just drag out the hole saw and fill my pumpkins with...holes. Time is getting away from us and we haven't carved yet. I guess we better get on it;)

Wow...Matilda sounds like a go-getter. Maybe Amy Beightol Stewart can help her out with her party plans.

Lynn said...

Lolli and I need to get together and do all of our pumpkins. I LOVE carving them, but HATE gutting them :) Amy, you provide the pumpkins, Lolli will gut and I will cut!!!
I think i will try the cutting the bottom off thingy that your friend did. Looks like a great day!