Monday, November 10, 2008

{Perfect Weekend}

Ever have those days where ya don't want to really move from the couch? Well, one of those days hit our home Saturday. Will and I had great plans to get A LOT accomplished but found ourselves still in our sweats and on the couch watching our 3rd football game of the day as dinner time rolled around.

That's right...we sat ALL DAY watching FOOTBALL! In my mind there really is NOTHING better. We started off with the Boise State game enjoying every bit of Kellen's success. Then, we moved on to the Alabama/LSU where Alabama pulled off the win in OT! Finally we found ourselves watch the HUSKY game. Yes, I know... that word is NOT allowed in our home but...we had to cheer on Cody...who seemed to be the only one on the Husky team who could do ANYTHING right all day! That's right...our Cody Bruns was AMAZING. He threw the ONLY TD pass of the day for the Huskies! I'm thinking the coaches need to reconsider their current QB choices! I am confident that Cody could get the job done! Oooo, that would mean he would be QB-ing against MY WSU Cougars in the Apple Cup! That soooo would not be a good outcome for the Cougs!

Sunday brought more football but not as much watched by us. We got outside and did a little work around the house and inside my horribly messy car! It is amazing and disgusting the things you find when you deep clean your back seats!

Will takin' care of the tumble weeds before they take over our yard!

While Will and I worked the kids got some MUCH NEEDED fresh air. Taylor decided to pick up a basketball (outside of practice) and Ryan of course went straight for his scooter. He is practicing being able to "pop-a-wheelie!" I'm tellin' ya the kid is going to be a stuntman when he grows up. Will found him pumping trying to get more speed while going DOWN our driveway. Those of you who haven't been to our the end of our driveway is a HUGE cliff. One day I will find him at the bottom of it...

Ryan showing us what he is "trying" to do w/o putting his foot down.

Taylor showing me that she CAN TOO dribble between her legs! After seeing this pic she decided maybe she did need some more practice. Funny Girl!!

Will's look of "Would you put the darn camera down and start helping please!"

I can't remember the last time we were all home together on the weekend. Taylor is usually away most of the weekend at different friends houses. We have started asking her if she is trying to tell us she doesn't like us much. I really enjoyed our family time together. It was a relaxing and productive weekend all in one! Gotta love it!


Kari said...

There is nothing better then a Saturday on the couch watching football! The next best thing when you can't be there in person.

Lolli said...

Ahh... a Saturday on the couch. I usually want my day on the couch about Thursday though. I never seem to relax on the weekend and am wiped during the week. I'm trying to work on that.

Doesn't it feel good to get the yard ready for winter? I so love the four seasons!!!