Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kids+Auction Items=$$$$

And the highest bidders are...
Last Thursday night Messiah Lutheran Preschool held their annual Octoberfest (in November this year). It consisted of good food, an enjoyably funny performance by the preschoolers and a silent auction.
Ryan could hardly wait to get there because earlier that day he had seen one of the items which contained multiple boxes of LEGO's but not just any LEGO's...STAR WARS LEGO items. All afternoon he kept saying "As soon as we get there tonight the first thing we need to do is go buy that LEGO box." I felt like a broken record because I was trying to explain to a 5 year old that it wasn't like a store...he was going to have to BID on the darn thing not just walk up to the counter and pay for it. And, of course just like any 5 year old he had NO IDEA what I was talking about...until we got to the event.

Ryan with his "purchase."

The first thing he did was walk over to the tables with his Nana Cheryl to show her what he was going to "buy." And of course she thought it was something he really truly needed. So, the two of them were determined to "buy" the LEGO items.

Taylor has all items on her nightstand, right next to her head.

As the two of them were working on the LEGO items Taylor was busy with her own bidding. She was trying to win a football signed by Prosser's one and only Kirby Moore (#34 on the Mustang Football team)! Well, unfortunately in the end she lost at the last second...but she had a back up plan...she was also eyeing the signed picture, water bottle, AND football signed by Prosser's current QB Jordan Durbin. When she realized she had lost the items signed by Kirby she put all her attention and efforts into winning Jordan's items.

The night was a success all around!!! Ryan "bought" his LEGO's, Taylor won her Jordan Durbin items and the Preschool made a KILLING off of my kids!
Thank Goodness for Nana Cheryl's checkbook. :)

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