Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Pain!

I don't know what I did, I'm not sure I want to know what I did, but whatever the HECK it was IT REALLY HURTS!!!!!!!

Sometime last week I realized my right shoulder was really tight. My loving husband would tell you it is nothing new, I am always whining for someone to massage my shoulders. As the week went on it hurt worse and worse and there was NO SIGN of the pain letting up. Did I call the Chiropractor...nope just kept complaining and living with (complaining about) the pain. The weekend rolled around and the pain was almost UNBEARABLE!!!! I spent all of Sunday in my jammies on the couch (oh yeah, Will would tell you that is nothing new for me either!)

Today I was able to get in to see my Chiropractor; Dr Thompson. By the time I made the appointment yesterday the pain had moved from my right shoulder and neck all the way around to my right front to the very point of my collar bone! I can't even touch my collar bone it is so painful! Well, needless to say Dr Thompson informed me that I was a mess! I wanted to say, DUH Doc! Tell me something I don't know, that my husband doesn't know, Oh yeah, and that my friends don't know!!! But I kept my sarcastic humor to myself. He found that BOTH of my hips were out, my neck was out in two different places, the middle of my back he adjusted in a FEW different spots, AND my shoulder and collar bone BOTH needed adjusting.

I feel a bit better but hope to feel TONS better after my massage tonight! I hope to be back up and BLOGGIN' soon. But my shoulder can only handle so much movement.

By the way...why is it that your children seem to be so needy when you, yourself need a little "sick time?"


Thompson Family said...

Oh Amy... I feel your pain!! I hope the massage was fabulous (sometimes SOME pain is worth it just to get the darn massage right). Feel better soon but if you don't, go get another massage ;-)

Lolli said...

I hurt for you! I so understand the pain you are explaining. I suffered all last year (lots of whining and tears too) and was amazed at the relief of massage. I hope it (along with the chiropracter getting all your body parts back in place) brings you relief. Hang in there friend!

Julaine said...

Isn't it frustrating when our bodies betray us? They're supposed to continue to operate like a finely tuned well oiled machine!! Regardless of our age!lol Hope you are feeling loads better soon. Enjoy that massage.

cassi said...

Hi Amy! Cute blog! I hope it's ok... I found your blog through Sunny's and thought I'd leave a little note. I hope you remember me... otherwise I'd feel pretty stupid (just in case, my maiden name is Engbretson... Jackie's daughter..) anywho! Just thought I'd stop and check your blog out. CUTE kids! :)