Monday, July 28, 2008

Family Time:White Trash Style!

Two adorable goggled faces! They look so extremely excited to have a place to cool off! But I am wondering how much (if any) Taylor could see much out of those fogged up goggles!

I have been asking (okay, begging) Will for a pool for years. I always thought "Who lives on this side of the mountains and doesn't have a pool?" Well, the answer used to be "ME." But now WE The Beightol's have entered the white trash world of bright blue blow-up pool. After looking into getting an underground pool installed last year we realized it was not financially possible at the time. So, this summer I somehow convinced Will (he was reluctant at first) to get the "blow-up pool." He wasn't real thrilled...until he got in. He turned into a big kid! He is trying things that you hope your children never think of! Ryan keeps reminding him that the sign on the side of the pool says no jumping in. But, it has been fun to watch the kids (all three of them) splash and play on the hot days!

Then there is "No Fear Ryan" whom all of a sudden this weekend put his entire self under the water and started swimming like a frog! It was so much fun to watch him. He was so proud of himself when he emerged from under the water. Will kept laughing saying he looked like the baby on the cover of the Nirvana CD. Except Ryan is wearing swim trunks!!!!


Brandon said...

Hey Amy! The site looks great! Can't wait to see you in 4 days!! I'll be sure to pack Mia's suit =) See you soon xoxox

Brandon said...

Hi again...FYI that was me Kim that left the first message (not Brandon) I didn't want you to think he was leaving "xoxo" for you lol

Thompson Family said...

Cute blog Amy! Found you guys from Sunny's blog. This blogging is so addicting!

Trust me... the white trash pools are "the thing" these days. I think I see as many customers a day with them as with inground pools. As long as you can cool off, it all works!