Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MTV Unplugged?

Ms. Taylor was lucky to get involved in a guitar class in the mornings before school Monday thru Thursdays' this past school year. Then, her WONDERFULLY talented teacher Vicki Parker agreed to 1/2 hour sessions twice a week this summer for a few weeks. Will and I have been so amazed at the things Taylor has learned. She is actually playing songs! I am so proud of her for getting involved in the class (which was set up for middle school students) but also for not being intimidated by the older students and working just as hard as them.
She has been saying for a couple years that she wanted to learn to play the guitar. Those of you who know my days of "playing" the flute would never believe this musically inclined child was mine. My middle school music teacher would be just as impressed with her as we are!

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Lolli said...

Is that the next Miley I see strummin' the guitar? Will better get started growing that mullet!