Friday, August 1, 2008

Flo Rida Beightols

If today is any clue of how the month of August will be for the Beightol family we are in for a WONDERFUL month!!! August 1st brought the entire Beightol family back together for the first time since Christmas of 2006! Ryan and Taylor couldn't wait to get to be with Ms. Mia this morning. Mia on the other hand wasn't so quick to jump right in with the crazy ways of the Washington Beightols!

We have had a fun FILLED day. Starting with haircuts at the beauty shop thanks to Aunt Brezzi! Ryan had to model good haircutting behavior for Mia because there was NO WAY she was getting her hair cut! Then, we had to bribe Mia to sit in the chair with Polly Pocket toys. Finally, she sat on Nana Cheryl's lap while the rest of us talked and made faces at her so she would keep her head up. Brezzi your beautician skills are amazing!

Then, it was off to our house to get Mia acclimated to our home before Sunny arrived to take pictures of the three kids and Nana and Papa. Mia came right into the house and was ready to play! As we waited for picture time to arrive, outside was beginning to look like a scene from "The Wizard of Oz" as Taylor put it. The wind was blowing and dust filled the air. But leave it to Sunny, she found ways around the wind to capture some fun and interesting pictures.

After an hour plus of picture taking the three kids then decided it was time for a fashion show in Taylor's bedroom. We were all given invitations and as we arrived we were welcomed with wonderful music from The Jonas Brothers blaring from Taylor's iPod! They gave an eventful fashion show along with a couple side shows of their individual dance talents! Ryan loves the robot, Mia shakes her booty, and Taylor, well, Taylor just likes to be on stage performing it all!!

The night finally ended with Mia telling her mom that she was just so tired her legs hurt! That was the sign for everyone to begin to pack up. Well, everyone but myself and Will. Yes, we sent our kids home with Nana and Papa and the Florida Beightols promising to join them first thing tomorrow to begin ANOTHER eventful day for" The 1st Annual Beightol Campout!" So, you know there will be great bloggin' coming with a title like that!

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Lolli said...

Fun times! You guys are going to need some rest after this "vacation". I can't wait to hear how the campout goes. Take lots of pics and have fun!