Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Longer Dreamin'

Mr. Daniel you played your heart out today-you should be smiling!

As a little boy in the town of Prosser you watch the "big boys" play football just waiting for your day. Well, today marked the end of the waiting and wanting for another group of boys.

Livin' the Dream!

Brian Weinmann, Jerry Fitzgerald, and "The" Scott Coleman are coaching a group of "Future Mustangs" on the football field. They have been practicing for a few weeks, but today was the first time to take to the field with a real opponent. I was so proud of those little guys working their behinds off in the heat. The funniest part was watching them try to move with their helmets on. The helmets seemed to dictate where the boys went, due to the fact that the helmets themselves, probably weigh just about as much as some of the kids out there.

I see the next Cody Bruns on his way!

Will W. spent most of the time as the quarterback which was so much fun to watch. He took his role very seriously; celebrating when things went well and hanging his head a bit when things didn't. The team was very good about helping one another keep pumped up and going through the heat.

This is exactly what we've been practicing for...BRING IT ON!

It's been a day! #24 got TWO touchdowns in one game! Keep it up Mr. N'

Jerry and Brian making sure they are still on the same page.

The coaches were hilarious to listen to. A couple times new players would come out onto the field saying "I don't know what position I am suppose to be playing coach." The coach out on the field would yell back to the other coaches on the sideline askin for some help! They have WAY more patients than I could ever muster up to coach those boys. But, the time they have already put into teaching these young men the ins and outs of the game, along with how to be a good sportsman is outstanding! Here is to a great season gentlemen! Go out and have fun!

Remember Will...Hard work ALWAYS pays off in the end.


Lolli said...

What a fun day! Those boys look so proud in their uniforms. I can't even imagine how excited they were. The dads were probably all pumped up and the moms were cringing in the stands - hoping their babies don't get hurt. I bet the coaches have tons of laughs. I know "The" Scott Coleman can be dang funny!

D. Fitzgerald said...

Amy...This is great. It was so much fun watching the boys play. "The" Scott Coleman~need we say more....They all did so well.

Kim said...

Awww...I can't believe how big Will has gotten! I haven't seen him in a while, I could barely recognize him! But I wanted to add to your "word to live by"...
Don't forget the words of Miss Mia, "If you're feeling mad, the first thing you do, is calm, calm down!"

SunnyD said...

Oh matter how much fun that appears on your blog...I can't help but think of the four night-a-week practices and all of the time and work. I hope I'm ready when it gets here!

Nana Juli said...

Amy...Erin and I can't believe how grown up Little Wil's is. He looks like Barbie....but I'm sure is tough like Brian!!! Great photography...keep it up!!! Soon you will be called "Martha" yea...lets see....Martha Beightol Stewart of Prosser!!!
Love Mom and Erin