Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ready For Take OUT

Mr Ryan (aka:Crash-n-Burn) had obviously bumped his front tooth sometime last year. We had Dr Grow look at it in December and he said it was dead but there was no need to do anything with it. Well, leave it to Crash-n-Burn to find a way to hit that tooth at least two more times which in turn chipped it very bad! I still am trying to figure out how he hit that tooth since it was so much farther up into the gum than the rest.? Anyways, when we were brushing his teeth the other day I noticed the back of that tooth looked really, really funny...almost like I could see the nerve. I called the Dr Grow's office and they found room to squeeze him in to check it.

So, this morning at 8:15 Ryan, Brock and I headed to the dentist. Now mind you, Brock doesn't like going to the dentist himself so I had told Ryan he had to be a VERY big boy and show Brock there was nothing to be afraid of. Taylor and Ryan are the only two kids I know who look forward to going to the dentist (strange kids)!

Dr Grow looked at the tooth and shook his said while saying to me "He has got to be in a lot of pain. The nerve is extremely exposed!" That comment just verified that Mr. Crash-n-Burn has a HUGE pain tolerance! (I had asked Ryan several times over the past few weeks if the tooth hurt him and he always replied with a shrug of his shoulders and a nope.) Dr Grow said there was nothing else to do other than just remove the tooth. I had no problem with this at all except that I knew I needed to get Brock back out in the waiting room before this event took place!
After taking pictures of his teeth it was time to give him the "laughing gas" which Dr Grow said made him look like a Fighter Pilot. Ryan thought that was pretty cool but then he began to get a bit panicky. He didn't want to lay back in the chair, the nose piece was bugging him and I think he just plan didn't know what to expect. The Dental Hygienist came to give him "the shot" which they refer to as "Goofy Juice." I had to step out of the room because 1. I DO NOT DO NEEDLES and 2. I HATE NOVOCAINE SHOTS MYSELF!!! I would be NO HELP to my poor child. But as I was standing outside the room the wail of my child caused me to leap to his side. He had gone from being panicky to down right hysterical. As they started to give him the shot he jerked his head which caused the needle to shift inside his gum. I held his hand and tried desperately to calm him down but did not succeed immediately. I just kept thinking "Ryan this really isn't helping Brock's fears of the Dentist!"

He did finally calm down once we allowed him to sit in my lap. And when Dr Grow came back in Ryan without being asked moved back toward the tooth. A discussion then took place between Dr Grow and his assistant (Cedar) that a second shot had not been given that was needed. I thought to myself...Oh dear, here we go again! But Dr Grow was SO good with Ryan he talked calmly while gently rubbing Ryan's head and explained what was going to happen and that he needed Ryan to help him out so they could be a team. Ryan NEVER flinched, cried, winced, NOTHING! The next thing I knew there was the tooth sitting on the tray. My 4 year old had a funny little gap where his baby tooth used to be.

They placed the tooth inside a cute tooth holder which could be worn as a necklace. Ryan was so proud! He walked right out and told Brock (with a piece of gauze sticking out of his mouth) "I lost a tooth and the Tooth Fairy is coming to my house tonight.

Both boys were so good. So we went past Becky's for a special drink for each of them. Oh yeah, and ME.


Nana Juli said...

Mr. Ryan what a "Big,Brave,Boy"!!!! Wow!!! Just think of all the new tricks you can do with that new space...let's now can spout water (in the tub of course) just like a whale. Papa and Nana love you and are proud that you were so great at the dentist!! They really are great people who help us. Love ya

Lolli said...

Holy smokes...what a stud you have raised! He has an exposed nerve and doesn't show any signs of pain?! No wonder he is such a daredevil - crashes don't hurt - they just make him stronger. Good luck over the next 14 years!;)

SunnyD said...

Oh man...the picture of the gas gives me flashbacks of Coleman's tooth extraction. EEEEKKK!!!