Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Anniversary Present!

Ten years ago Miss Taylor arrived as our "1st Anniversary" present. I find it very special to share that day with her. Will and I have found that it is best for us to celebrate our anniversary a couple days before August 9th so Miss Tay can have the 9th all to herself. She doesn't seem to be bothered with having to share her special day with us but every child should have a day "as their own."

The Armstrong Fam: All Growd Up!

The three of us in order of age, not height, left to right!

Why is it the baby is always the tallest?

"Da Twins" look very engrossed in someones story!

My family has made a point to be here every year on Miss Taylor's Birthday Weekend. It puts a bit of stress on me but it is always nice to have everyone here for her. This year was a change in that the weekend was not stressful for me at all. The meals went smoothly (and those of you who know me so well know that I HATE TO COOK!!!!) But you would all be very proud of me in the fact that I was very "Martha Stewarty" this weekend and even ENJOYED IT. This stay at home mom thing is mellowing me out a bit...don't worry I still have plenty of Drama Queen left in me.

Poor Brian got to spend the weekend with our crazy family!

Dick and Marge, our Republicans, talk politics by themselves...

Brother Scott is ALWAYS welcome with his massaging hands!

Miss Taylor had a wonderful birthday weekend receiving wonderfully thoughtful gifts. She gets to add more songs to her iPod with her iTunes card. A new mountain bike thanks to Nana Cheryl and Papa Dick, will allow her to ride a bike without hitting her knees on her chin. We will need to do little shopping thanks to Nana Juli and Papa Mack and their great taste in clothes. Thankfully Will and I had little problems coming up with a gift for her since she has taken up guitar. She now will be carrying her own guitar to class!

Mr Ryan even got a gift or two from the Nana's and the Papa's but also Miss Taylor gave him a gift so he had something to open on that day.

G.G. Marge and Miss Taylor

Here is to another year Miss Tay...

Love Mom, Dad, and RyJack!


Lolli said...

Happy late birthday Miss Taylor! So your mom really was listening when you described the guitar you wanted. I'm glad you all had a great day! It's awesome that you were able to spend the time with your family. I'm sure there was tons of love and laughter in the air!

Jonnel said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss Taylor! I was actually thinking about both you and your mom and and dad on the 9th while we were boating in the San Juans. I hope you had a special day with all your family there. We send big hugs and kisses. Love, Auntie JoJo