Thursday, August 21, 2008


Knowing that my three good friends were gearing up to go back to work in a few days I was trying to think of something to give them to start their year off GREAT. After doing some Googling and creative design I came up with putting together Survival Kits for them. Anyone who has ever taught knows that the first week or so can be very stressful on a teacher. So, hopefully their little kits will at least give them a giggle or two on those first nervous days.

Here is what they found inside those fun little bags:

Survival Kit

Lifesavers: for when you’ve had one of THOSE days
Jingle Bells: There are 4 total symbolizing each of us. Just ring when you need help and one or all of us will be there!
Eraser: to remind you that everyone makes mistakes-That is okay…we learn from our errors
Alieve: to make you “All Day Strong!”
Wiggly Eyes: for days when really wish you had eyes in the back of your head
Hugs & Kisses: to remind you everyone needs a hug or compliment every day
Gum: reminds you to stick with it and you can accomplish ANYTHING
Paperclip: to help you hold it together when everything seems to fall apart
Band-Aid: to remind you to heal hurt feelings: yours or someone else’s
Chapstick: for you to put on, instead of saying something you might regret
Hand sanitizer: to keep the extra germs from getting you sick
Deodorant: for days you are running late and forget to put on OR just need a little extra
Magnet: reminds you to do EXACTLY as it says!
Loose Change: for a day you might need a bit more caffeine than planned
Lotion: to help you smooth over those rough patches in your day
Shout Wipes: reminds you to “Shout Out” your messes not your students
Kleenex: to wipe away the tears
Stress Ball: squeeze this instead of someone’s neck
Sticky Tabs: you are leaving your mark on each student you teach
Snowflake: when all else fails…pray for a snow day!!!
It was a lot of fun collecting the items and coming up with little sayings for each. But the part I really enjoyed was putting the entire thing together, decorating the bags and the Survival Kit page. Amazing the kinds of things you can do when you don't have to go to work! The office has been transformed into the "Craft Room." At times this week it has looked like a tornado had struck in there. But in the end, it is all about the fun I am having!
Here is to you three beautiful ladies...GOOD LUCK this year-and remember:
"We're not primarily put on this earth
to see through one another, but to see one another through."
~Peter DeVries


wendyrod said...

The bags are amazing...and God surely blessed me with a friend like you Amy!

Lolli said...

I took my bag to school today so it's ready to go! I guarantee it will get used.:) I am so thankful for you Amy! True friends like you are a treasured gift!