Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vineyard Views

With the kids at my parents house since Sunday, Will and I have been spending some quality time together. This included going out to work with Will for a while yesterday. It brought back memories of our first year being married (before kids) when I used to ride with him late at night during harvest.

As we drove through the vineyard I realized I had my camera and started taking pictures. I have ALWAYS envied Sunny Wright's ability to take such amazingly beautiful pictures of just "grapes" or "onions." I know, I know, they aren't just "grapes and onions" they put roofs over many of our heads. But it is one thing to take stunning pictures of people, but nature is a whole nother thing!So, I gave it a try yesterday and found it quite relaxing! I found myself standing on the top of the truck to get different angles and views and also kneeling down into the dirt to attempt something totally "artsy". It was fun. I did realize that Sunny has a MUCH BETTER camera for that sort of thing and A LOT more talent than I will EVER have. But it was still fun to see what I could snap.

The other thing that I realized yesterday was how much work Will does to keep the vineyard running. I always give him a bad time about just driving around in his truck all day, when in all actuality he is a very busy man, accomplishing a lot in a LARGE area in one day. He has developed what was just acres of dirt blowing in the wind, to a breathtaking vineyard now swaying in the wind.
It was peaceful to sit and enjoy the quiet sounds the wind made whisping through the vines and absorbing the fact that "my husband" has done all of this from the ground, up!

I think many of us take for granted each day what a wonderful place we live in. It is absolutely incredible! Taking these pictures yesterday reminded me that I need to take more time each day to look outside and be very thankful for what we all have!


Lolli said...

Maybe there should be an official "Take Your Spouse To Work" day. It would sure help us appreciate what our spouses do. Blake always talks to me about work but most times I don't understand or can't visualize what he's talking about. What a great experience for you!

SunnyD said...

First of all...don't be silly. :) Your pics look great. I love the vineyards in full bloom. So gorgeous.

As for take your spouse to work day...I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to skip out on that one. I think they frown on it at the prison! HA!

Kim said...

I love your pics!! My favorite is the close up of the grapes. for the "Take your spouse to work" day...I've been to work with Brandon and appeciate all his hard work, but I don't think women would like it if he was next to me while I was scanning their boobies!!! LOL

Kim said...