Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I can not tell you how badly I have been waiting for August 2nd to arrive. "Breaking Dawn" is finally out and we can all find out what Bella decides to do. The problem is...The Flo Rida Beightols were in town that day and so I knew that if I started the book they would never see the whites of my eyes until I was finished. So, I kindly did not open the book until late Sunday night. I am sure MANY people are finished with all 754 pages already and know what I have been dying for since February!

If you have not even started the Twilight Series I strongly suggest you get your hands on the first book entitled "Twilight". But, I should warn you...you will want to make sure you have PLENTY of time to get lost in a book. Once you start, you will NOT want to put it down!!!!!

I must get back to my book where Bella and Edward so far are living the life we all hope to live!


SunnyD said...

I'm really trying to avoid these books but I know I'm getting closer and closer to caving.

Lolli said...

As soon as I finish commenting I'm back to my reading zone. I am so into this book. I can't wait for us both to finish so we can talk about it. It is so easy to get lost in a good book. I am so behind on my housework. Oh well...it will still be there tomorrow.