Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"1st Annual" Beightol Campout

So, the Little Beightol children are so deprived that they have never slept in a tent outside. They were so excited to set up that tent and get into it they could hardly stand it! They used it during the day as their Kid Klub House.

It was so much fun watching them spend time running around and playing games outdoors. We did take some time inside though. Aunt Linda brought the motor home as her "tent" for the evening. We found ourselves starting the festivities off with a little Karaoke. We each were GIVEN a turn to sing. You probably heard the dogs howling as I was singing! Chance even got into the spirit of things by dancing to the YMCA song with all of us.

Mia had found a rubber snake in the toy box at Nana Cheryl's and Brandon thought it would be a great thing to use to trick people.

Aunt Linda (our Activities Director) came with events and times planned out for the camp out. After setting up tents, singing songs in the motor home, it was time to make our own ice cream. It was a blast. The kids were able to shake the cream in a baggie until it turned to the thickness of their liking. They did complain a lot about how cold their hands were getting trying to shake the cream with the ice.

Notice Mia is wearing her vest with the hood up. She spent all weekend needing a jacket on and a hat whenever going outside. She said it was too windy and cold in Washington! She is WAY TOO FUNNY!

As it started getting dark the campfire got a roarin'. Thank goodness for Uncle Wade though. He helped get green sticks, as apposed to dry sticks to use to roast the marshmallows and hot dogs. We could have had a disaster on our hands!

Along with never sleeping outside in a tent my kids had also never roasted marshmallows or hot dogs on an open flame. That was so much fun to watch the sparkle in their eyes while they sat impatiently waiting for their marshmallows to finally be ready. Again Uncle Wade's outdoor expertise came in handy teaching Miss Mia not only how to roast a marshmallow but also how to eat one! The entire day was so much fun! We were able to sit and watch our little ones run around and play with each other. While we got to giggle at them, tell funny stories of "when we were little" and just enjoy an evening together as family!

I do hope this event is able to continue each year. We forget how quickly we grow older but also how soon our little ones will be off hangin' with friends and not wanting to do fun family things together.
It was midnight before we could get any little ones to even begin to think about heading into the tent for the night. Ryan was a walking zombie. We decided he is exactly like his Uncle Brandon...neither one of them wants to miss ANY of the excitement. What's really funny is they usually are the excitement.

One suggestion for next year: we should start looking immediately for something comfortable to put underneath us while sleeping in the tents next year! I might still have bruises to show NEXT YEAR from sleeping on that tree root all night!

Until next year Beightol Family...


Lolli said...

That looked like tons of fun! Miss Mia in the stocking hat cracks me up. Has she ever been her in January?? I'm so glad Tay and Mr. Ryan had fun. I'll have to have you guys up to mom and dad's sometime this fall. We roast weinies and marshmallows most weekends. I know it's a little redneck but we sure have fun. Maybe we can tailgate before a Mustang game!

Brandon said...

So I absolutely love your recap of our wonderful weekend! I am definitely looking forward to next year's, except I want annual "Camp Beightol" t-shirts! What do you think?.... "I survived the Beightol family campout", or "I roughed it at the Beightol family camp out and all I have to show for it are these lousy bruises!"or how about "I slept on a tree root at the Beightol family camp out while my mother-in-law slept on a soft, comfy pad, down comforters, flannel blankets and a fluffy pillow." Just some ideas, we have a whole year to finalize the designs =) love ya, Kimme xoxox

Lolli said...

Okay Amy...you and Kimme think so much alike. I think t-shirts are a great idea. Her ideas are pretty darn funny! Just make sure they are a designer brand so you look like a hottie at the ol' Beightol family campout. You should add a little something each year. Maybe the next year you could add designer beanies so Mia will be stylishly warm.