Sunday, August 17, 2008

{Gotta Love Him}

Why is it that boys are SO MUCH harder to raise than girls? Mr. Ryan is constantly on the move. He NEVER stops talking and while he is talking to you he is jumping off of something or running somewhere. And when I say running what I really mean to say is he is SPRINTING, as if trying to win gold at the Olympics. I absolutely LOVE the kid to death but there are today where I am just tired and do not have the patience to deal with his extra loud volume and his need to be in control of everything. Him thinking he needs a toy and me disagreeing, turns into a screaming fit of rage...from him, not me.

I have been practicing my "good mother" voice when he gets upset instead of raising my voice lately. My plan has been to model for him what someone looks/sounds like even when they might be frustrated and/or upset. So, I have been trying to use a soft, calm tone. I say "trying" because it takes everything inside of me to keep down that "hollering mother voice." I know he is just trying to show me who's boss and some days I really just want to let him be the would be so much easier. But in the long run, me modeling a calm voice and talking with him about good ways to deal with frustration will truly pay-off. Let's hope!

Somehow, even at the end of days like today, when he FINALLY falls asleep, I find myself quickly forgetting how much of a little turkey he can be and see the sweet angel inside of him!

I think I am going to go enjoy some quiet time to myself before morning comes and he's back at it!


SunnyD said...

Ok, I had a million comments running through my head and then I scrolled down to that picture of him sleeping and forgot EVERYTHING I wanted to say because I was so distracted by how much he looks like YOU!!!! HOLY COW!!!

Nana Juli said...

Hi Sweetie...Your blog page looks great...What sweet and kind grandchildren the "Nana's and the Papa's" have. Keep up the great work!! Miss them. Love Nana Juli