Friday, August 29, 2008

Let The Season Begin!!!

There are some strange traditions that are started at WSU and some of which should probably be LEFT there! But when Will and I left WSU 12 years ago there was one tradition that Will took with him:
On Saturday mornings during football season you could always count on Kelly Molstad (one of Will's fraternity brothers) to run through the house YELLING at the top of his lungs...


So you guessed it, Will likes to keep Kelly's tradition a-rolling. And somehow no matter how early or loud he yells it, I still seem to get a smile and a giggle, picturing Kelly back in the day.

Even the "Town Of The Huskies" are preparing for us all.

To me there is NOTHING better than football season! You know it is that time again when the mornings begin to get a little chillier and the days begin to get dark earlier. That's right...there is NOTHING better than football season!

And this weekend the chilly air will definitely be there...The Cougars are invading Seattle! My dad, brother, his girlfriend, Will and I are all going to the game together. It is going to be a blast. Will and I have not been to a Coug game since the Rosebowl in 2003. Due to the fact that football season falls right in the middle of harvest Will is usually a bit busy at this time. So, this weekend is going to be a big treat.
To all you Coug Fans: start packin' the car and headin' over the pass cause morning comes early and the "festivities" will wait for no one. It is going to be one-heck-of a great weekend. Enjoy!!
**Oh, and remember to listen closely tomorrow morning, you just might hear Will or maybe even Kelly yelling their famous words!


SunnyD said...

I'm so jeaolous!!! Cheer extra loud for me! I can't wait for the first home game so I can get back in my seat and especially shopping at the bookie and crimson&grey!!!


Lolli said...

I can sense a little excitement in the voice of your post. You so deserve a fun weekend! Have a fun-tastic time!