Monday, September 1, 2008

[Long Season Ahead]

Once a Coug ALWAYS a Coug

Being a Cougar you just come to accept the fact that you will get ready for a game, pay $ for tickets and most likely be disappointed with a loss in the end. And this opening weekend was no different for the 2008-2009 season. Deep down inside I think I knew the outcome wouldn't be pretty but I was trying to be positive and excited.

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Our day started out with Dad, Will and myself leaving Olympia Saturday morning around 10 AM. We stopped in Federal Way to pick up my Uncle Bob. Then the four of us headed for Seattle. As we pulled off the freeway by the stadium I called my brother Scott who was suppose to be meeting us there along with Shelly his girlfriend. He had just paid $30 for a parking spot across from the sign at Safeco Field that said Home Plate. I gave him an earful about paying that much money for a parking spot when he could have paid a heck of a lot less and just walked a few blocks. But apparently he was a little late meeting a bunch of fraternity brothers who were at Pyramid Brewery. So, I told him we would meet up with him later.

Dad found a parking spot that only cost $15 and we had an enjoyable walk to the stadium. As we were coming down the street to the stadium we found the area Scott paid $30 to park. Will then noticed that if Scott had driven just half a block further he could've parked in a parking garage for only $15! He soooo got riped off.

The four of us decided we had time to get something to eat before heading into the stadium so we walked over to F.X. McRory's and sat on the patio, drank a couple beers, ate some appetizers, people watched and finished just in time to head to the stadium for the game.

Scott FINALLY arriving to the game.

We got seated with 2 minutes til kick off. Scott and Shelly arrived with about 3 minutes left in the 1st quarter. Needless to say, Scotty had had just a bit to drink so Shelly came and sat next to me and left Scott to sit with dad. Poor Dad had to listen to him the entire game.

Shelly LOVES Blue Cotton Candy!

The weather was very fall like but was perfect for the start of football season! Going to WSU you get so used to being at games in Martin Stadium getting sunburned and dying of heat that the weather in Seattle on Saturday was a breath of fresh air. We were all able to break out our Cougar sweatshirts instead of our Cougar tank tops and t-shirts.

Okay so I have tried many times with NO success to explain to people that I am so NOT a competitive person. But apparently the way I yell and carry on at games does not back up that statement! I am very loud and get a bit over the top. The people in front of us at the game weren't sure how to take me at first but then thankfully Scotty showed up and was 10 TIMES louder than I was so he took the attention away from me.

He looks so sweet and innocent.

Just before halftime we suggested to Scott to head down to the locker room put on some gear and head out on the field to play QB for the second half. He thought that would be a great idea but figured he would need a few more drinks first.

As he came back up the stairs from getting some food we were ALL laughing (even the people in front of us) because Scott was out of breath before he even made it to his seat. We decided he wouldn't be much help to the Cougs on the field.

As the Cougars were heading in for halftime we were all saying how they were going to get a chewin'! Then the next thing we knew we see all the Redshirts coming back out and sitting down in the tunnel. We were all laughing so hard saying that Coach Wulff probably sent them out because he didn't want to scare them to death!

The non-suits thinking they may want to just go home!

Scott, Dad, and Uncle Bob just glad they aren't in Coach Wulff's shoes!

It was a very fun and memorable day. Even though the Coug's didn't come away with a win we still had some great laughs together. Thanks dad for a wonderful weekend!

Will and I still smilin even after the game.

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Lynn said...

What a great weekend! Only wish the outcome would have been better :( Once a coug, always a coug (except this weekend) we have to root for the purple and gold....I know it's a sickening feeling, but we will root for Cody in person this weekend, scrub all the germs from husky stadium off and resume our cougar faithfulness!!