Friday, September 26, 2008

Real Deals

This star I got for my birthday last year from my mom.
Michele said they sell these stars in ALL different sizes and colors.

Michele Smith has been talking to me about this new store that Chad's sister Natalie opened in Kennewick at the beginning of June. It is called Real Deals: Home Decor and it is located at 11 E Kennewick Ave. They are open on Thursdays from 10-6pm and Saturdays from 10-4pm.

Michele was there for awhile yesterday and said they were soooo busy. There are so many wonderful deals and way cute things for the house. I can't wait to get there myself. I got on their website and signed up on the mailing list which is suppose to send you updates on major deals and when they are having them.

I looked at the pictures they had showing products in the stores. TONS of FUN stuff. Just looking at the website I could probably spend MANY hours and LOTS of money in one stop.

Check it out! Bet you too will want to go tomorrow morning!!!!!


Lynn said...

I can't wait to go!!! I didn't know Natalie was doing this, how fun :) Definately need to bring the suburban for this trip and take a bunch of girls, thanks for the info!!

Kim said...

Hey Sis! How are ya? Looks like you've been busy busy!!I love reading your page! Anyway...we got the exciting news that Miss Taylor is coming to our time zone! I wish you could come too, maybe next time! Well thanks for letting her come and spend time with us. We love and miss you guys xoxoxo

Thompson Family said...

Wendy came by tonight and well... candles??? :-) email me when you get a sec, I'm all about candles!

I'll be hitting Real Deals on Thursday. Rick's mom went a few weeks ago and said it was great.