Sunday, September 21, 2008

Whirlwind Of A Weekend

Wendy showing us what a Bunko is when rolling for 6's!

The weekend started with Taylor going to a friends house and Ryan going home with Nana Cheryl for the night. Then, I was off for a night of Bunko with the wacky ladies!!! It is always a night full of interesting events, strange stories, and behaviors! This night was NO EXCEPTION to say the least. We haven't all been together since last year at Lolli's house about in October ?? It has been so long I can't even remember the month of the last Bunko!!! We had a great time getting caught up with one another and playing the always fun and thoughtless game of BUNKO! After three rounds and about 3 hours we handed out gifts to the deserving 4. Most Wins: Lolli Most Bunko's: Tracy Most Babies: Barbie and Most Losses: Wanda. We all were so glad to get back together again for a night without husbands and kids!

Lolli trying to make Vampire Fangs!

Ang lettin' us know she was Winning!
Saturday brought RAIN! I so love it when it rains. Growing up on the Westside I didn't know that everybody didn't wake up (at least 5 out of 7 days) to dreary rain. It made for a perfect lazy day...Will and I woke up around 9, went and got Starbucks and waited for the Boise State game to start. Then, at 4 Little Will's Grid Kids game started down at the stadium. They won again feelin pretty darn good about themselves! Taylor was the ball girl for the 1st half again and then spent the second half hanging with her friends.

After the game it was time to get to work...

Barbie is moving into a new shop and her garage has been stuffed with items to furnish and decorate it. She got the key on Friday so we decided to get a bunch of stuff moved in and on the walls. Well, we got stuff moved in but spent a couple hours, yes, I said a couple hours, looking at how the mirrors and cabinets were going to work best.

Barbie struggling to make a decision

Four of us stood there staring at a black wall trying to decide how everything would work most efficiently but also look good. While we were doing this the three boys were running around and around the inside of the shop!!! At 10:30PM we finally decided we needed to sleep on it for a couple nights before making such major decisions. I am so glad we started this process this weekend instead of waiting until next weekend when things will HAVE TO be decided on. The new shop is going to be such a fun but also relaxing environment. Barbie has worked really hard to add her wonderful personal touch to the larger upgraded building! I can't wait until it is all finished and ready to open. You will HAVE to come check it out!!!!

By the way... Boise State BEAT Oregon 37 to 32! Way to go Kellen!! You are AMAZING!!!!


Lolli said... were busy too! I'm so excited for Barbie. Those black walls look awesome! I can't wait to see it completed. Bunko was a blast! I'm pretty sure I won't be winning any votes for "Miss Photogenic" with that picture though. Yikes!

SunnyD said...

What a fun weekend! Your Bunko prizes were a hit huH? It was fun to sneak a peek into the shop too! How exciting for them to have a new little pad.