Friday, September 5, 2008

Major Steps FORWARD!

This morning was the most eerily perfect morning that I can say I've ever had. It started with me getting ready and doing my hair for the day. Yesterday I had my hair done for the first time in TWO MONTHS! Barbie and I had forgotten to schedule my next appointment the last time I was in! Won't EVER make that mistake AGAIN!

It was about three weeks ago that I realized how badly I needed my hair done. I was looking in the mirror and thought to myself Man, the summer really took a toll on me...I look 10 years older than I should! I haven't been out in the sun as much as I usually am during the summer months so I am extremely pale and blah looking which doesn't help my look!

I was so overly excited to get in Barbie's chair yesterday morning! As she was finishing up I noticed that I looked a lot better than I did that day 3 weeks ago in the mirror. My blond was back and my dark underneath wasn't all washed out and reddish looking anymore. I felt 100% better! It is always fun the morning after your hair appointment to style your hair but this morning was even more enjoyable.

My pleasant morning continued as Taylor came in and asked if she looked alright. As I looked up at her I thought to myself Oh, dear what did she put together now? She is going through that "I'm trying to find myself" dressing stage. But when I saw what she had put on I was very impressed. She looked very cute and well put together!

Then, came Ryan's moment. We have been working very hard getting him to pick out his own clothes and to dress himself. He has made GREAT gains this summer and this morning it ALL came together. He brought his clothes (that he had picked out himself) to my bathroom to get dressed. He started with the boxer briefs, then his shorts (these two items he has no problems with). But then came the dreaded T-shirt time! But I heard him say "I'm gonna try putting on my t-shirt myself." Then, I heard him say through giggles "I did it myself!" Sure enough he got his shirt over his blasted darn big head all by himself. I was so proud of him. Next, he sat down put on his socks and then asked me to help with his "tie shoes." I undid the laces and asked him to put the shoe on himself while I got the other shoelaces undone. Then we switched; he put on his other shoe while I tied his shoe. He jumped up after both shoes were tied and hollered "I did it all by myself and I even match right down to my shoes mom!" He proceeded to the sink, put toothpaste on his toothbrush and brushed his teeth ALL BY HIMSELF!
So, needless to say now you can see why this morning was such a wonderful day in the Beightol home! I am blogging about this because as all of us with kids know: these days are far and few between! Come Monday, we will probably sleep through the alarm clock, not have any clean clothes, be dressed in stripes and polka-dots, not be able to find the shoes we WANT to wear and be dropped off at school wiping tears from our cheeks!

Sometimes we forget the small steps our kids make which in all reality are HUGE gains in them growing up and becoming Little People.

Have had people ask...Yes, Mr. Ryan DID take this picture!

Remember to take the time to compliment them on those major achievements in their life! I know I forget way too often.


Lolli said...

I feel so happy for you! There is not much better than a great morning. I love the days I don't have to say a couple cuss words on the way to school and then have to worry and wonder if my girls had a horrible day. Ryan must feel so "big" now! Move the cereal bowls to a low cupboard, put the milk on the bottom shelf of the fridge, cereal in a reachable spot and you are set. Here's to many happy mornings!

Lolli said...

I forgot to tell you how blasted cute you look in those pictures. You are a hotty; I've got to know though...did Ryan take the picture of you and Tay?

Nana Juli said...

Ya'll look great. Nice pictures Amy
except that the kids are growing too quickly!!!!

Lolli said...

Wow...your kids are awesome on the camera. Now Ryan can take pictures of you being a domestic goddess!