Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slowly But Surely??? Hopefully!!!!

Getting Barbie's new shop up and going by next Tuesday is beginning to stress me out a bit. It is a good thing that I am the stresser and Barbie is the calm one(seeing as though she is the shop owner)! Last night we went to the shop for another night of "putting things on the walls." Because Will was still at work and Brian was at practice Barbie, Kelli, Emma Lynn and myself started with putting together some of the shelving. It was a VERY good thing Emma Lynn was with us because Kelli and I were having some trouble following the wordless directions! Emma kept making "blond" jokes and we did have to remind her that she too was blond!
After two hours of work we had accomplished putting together only two shelves! Brian showed up unwrapped a couple mirrors but never did hang anything on the walls.
The second shelf should have been easier to put together...yeah, we didn't think so!
So, tonight Will is coming down and Will seems to be the one who gets things done out of all of us. I have faith that TONIGHT there will be things hung on the walls before we lock the shop up for the evening!!!!!
We did realize there were MANY males around but only females working! :)

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SunnyD said...

HEy!!! DId you go home to get your camera after I talked to Barbie??? :) That's soooo funny. That last picture is hilarious.

This shop is going to rock. I can't wait to see it!