Monday, September 8, 2008

{Ryan's Ready}

Today was Ryan's first day back at preschool. He woke up ready to roll. I had a VERY hard time explaining (and getting through to him) that this year his school started at 12:00 and went until 2:30 instead of going at 9:00 and getting done at 11:00 like last year. It was the LONGEST morning in the history of mornings. I tried to keep him busy to make the time "fly by" but nothing seemed to help.

When it was finally time to go he came out with his backpack on binder in hand and his BEANIE on his head. I tried over and over to explain to him 1. it is WAY TOO HOT outside to wear a BEANIE and 2. He would have to take it off when we got to school. I got the teenage huff and a stomp of the foot with a reply of "Alright!"
Trying to take pictures was another major ordeal. He kept saying "Mom, I'm gonna be late. Let's go now." He wouldn't take off the beanie so he looked silly standing outside with the beautiful sunshiny weather, shorts and the winter hat!

Then, I made the mistake of asking for just one more picture and this is what I got this...

Yes, my four year old huffed AGAIN and then walked away from me. Little turkey!

When we got to school the first little boy we saw noticed Ryan's missing tooth and said to him "WOW, you are lucky you have a missing tooth. I still have all of mine." Ryan then told the boy that it got pulled out because it was "tip" I had to translate for the mothers around that it was CHIPPED.

What a nice, sweet angel!

Ryan is lucky this year in the fact he has 3 teachers. Mrs. Courtney will be there all three days Ryan attending. Then, Mrs. Bender(whom he had last year) will be there on Wednesday and Thursdays. Mrs. Hick's will be with Ryan's class on Mondays.

Ryan and Mrs. Hicks Hi-5ing each other after getting all of his supplies in the box.
All last year I continually heard from Mrs. Courtney and Mrs. Bender what a nice young man he was when he was at school which normally contradicted how he was at home. After watching him for a bit a school today he was very respectful and followed directions very well. I guess it is like always said to my middle school parents: "Wouldn't you rather have them behave appropriately in public and be a turkey at home as apposed to the other way around?" I never had a parent disagree with that statement and I guess that is just how Ryan will be...most of the time.
Each student came up and found their name on an apple and placed that apple on the tree.

This is the look of a child who has been waiting to come to school ALL morning and now it too tired to concentrate.

When I left Ryan was sitting "Criss-cross Applesauce" listening to Mrs. Courtney explain what their day was going to look like. As I walked out the door I realized I have 2 1/2 hours ALL TO MY SELF! I got in the car and headed for home. Who knows what I can accomplish in that time? Maybe my next scrapbook page?!?!


Lynn said...

I showed Kambree all these pictures of how Ryan is all ready for school, backpack and all. Showed her his nametag around his neck, his cubbie where the backpacks go, him sitting on the carpets looking at books and then sitting and listening in the last picture. Well....she actually said "I go to school too" I said "yes, tomorrow" and she said "Yup, I will!" I dont know, maybe this is a good sign-thanks Ryan!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Lolli said...

Aren't you so glad that you were able to capture all the moments of the day? I'm so proud of you for letting him get ready and leave his beanie on for the pics. (I'm still trying to figure out when they became beanies. We always used to call them stocking caps. When I started teaching they were suddenly "beanies". It's aroung the same time that thongs became flip flops I think.) Ryan is a sweet little school boy. I hope he had a great 1st day. I'm sure he had a lot of stories to share.

SunnyD said...

Awwww.....I envy the Moms that don't turn into crying messes. :)