Friday, September 26, 2008

Prosser Animal Hospital

Ryan's preschool was off to the Prosser Animal Hospital on Wednesday. He was so excited he could hardly stand it. I met them down there and who was the first little face I saw staring out the got it RyJack's. He was so cute with this sweet Innocent look taking in the sites of Prosser.

The entire staff was so good to the kids. They took them in and showed them x-rays of animals injuries. Each child got a turn looking into the microscope at ear mites! Once Ryan looked he came up making a horrible looking face and said "Disgusting!!"

One of the nurses brought out a ferret which most kids had no clue that animal existed. No one volunteered to pet him either. They look way too much like a weaselly rat for me to be found of either.
For the last part of the field trip the kids were taken outside to see the larger dogs in the kennels. One of Ryan's classmates had their dog out there. It had gotten bit by something and they were able to see that the dog would be just fine.

Then came time to load up into the bus. It is amazing how long it takes to load thirteen 5 year olds onto a bus. They don't pay attention to the person in front of them so they are either bumping into them or not realizing that the line has moved waaaayyyy far ahead! Way too cute to see them being out in the world learning new amazing information.

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