Saturday, September 13, 2008


I just ran across this website on TipJunkie this morning. The website is: and it is a FREE program that allows you to type in any words and it makes a design out those words. You can change to multiple different fonts, colors, and arrangements. Then you are able to print them off and use them as you wish. I just did a quick one with words that describe Ryan to try it out. Talk about EASY! As I was printing it out I thought...What a perfectly simple way to do gifts. Print them off on cardstock, add pics if you wish, put in a picture frame and you have a touching gift to last a lifetime!


Lolli said...

I went up to school and worked a few hours today. While I was working (for free;) mom and the girls went and checked out the wordle website. They were having a hey-day playing with it. Jen made a cute one to put on her locker at school. Lauryn was in the process of making hers when I left to come home and work in the yard a bit. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for letting us in on this fun site!!

SunnyD said...

That's totally fun! Have to check it out.