Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Truckin' Fam

This weekend Will had to go get the flatbed from the winery and the kids went with him so I could have some "me" time. I was sitting in the living room watching football when all of a sudden I hear this obnoxiously loud horn coming from the driveway. I looked out the window to see Will and the kids smiling back at me like it was Christmas morning.

Will helping Ryan honk the he doesn't honk toooooo looooonnnngggg!
Ryan laughing hysterically after honking the horn.

Ryan thought it was so cool that he got to ride in a "semi" and honk the horn. Tay wasn't as forth coming with her excitement but acted more like a teenager saying "Yeah, it was fun." with a shrug of her shoulders. I think Ryan would have stayed in the cab the rest of the night if we would have let him. I bet I can guess what his job will be during harvest when he gets old enough!!!

Maybe they can go on the road together.??


Lolli said...

The picture after Ryan honked the horn cracks me up. You totally captured his excitement. Little boys and big rigs have some special connection. I love it when life's simple moments are so thrilling for kids. This brings back a lot of memories of my childhood and riding with my dad when he drove the wrecker for Hall's. Fun times, fun times!

SunnyD said...

Will has way too many teeth to be a true trucker. And he needs a beard. Work on that huh Will? :)